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Creating An  Income From Your Passion!

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I started blogging somewhere around 2005 and I have steadily watched my sphere of influence grow.  If you are interested in turning any hobby into a online business creating a blog is a good place to start. Before spending any real money on trying to turn your hobby into an income source you should first see if there are people out there that are interested in what you would like to sell. If you are using a blog its simply a matter of starting to write about your hobby.

Fear Of Writing – Don’t Let It Stop You

Fear in any form is debilitating. When it comes to blogging it seems many people are afraid to start one up because they are afraid of what people might think of them. Or they are afraid of not being a good writer.  I was never a good writer in school and writing was one of my worse subjects.

I am still shocked that I enjoy writing as much as I do.  That wasn’t always the case when I first started blogging. I sat in front of my computer screen just staring at it. When I finally got done my first post, I deleted it because I felt I had no idea what I was talking about.  Finally I realized that unless I get over my fear of writing it is going to plague me the rest of my life, and I couldn’t live like that. So I sucked it up and published my first post.  You know something it was terrible, in fact that entire blog was a nightmare, but I did learn how to blog from it and after I wrote my first post each post got easier to write.  That was 5 years ago.  Now I write in several blogs and guest post on other peoples blogs from time to time.

Making Money From Blogging

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While there are many people out there that write in their blogs just for the hell of it.  There are even more people writing for the hell of it and  get paid in the process.  As a blogger you can get paid through affiliate programs.  An affiliate program is simple a way for you to earn commissions if someone buys something from clicking on a link on your blog.

Can Your Hobby Make You Money? Just about everything that is sold online has an affiliate program attached to it.  There are two easy ways for you to determine if you hobby has affiliate programs.

1. You can go to your favorite online supply shop and look for a link that says affiliate partners.

2. You can do a google search like  “Your Favorite Hobby” affiliate program and see what pops up.

In addition to those ways there are sites online that you can join as an affiliate and be able to market any of the programs involved with the affiliate network.  2 good examples of that are.

1. Clickbank: Probably the most popular affiliate network.

2. Commission Junction:  The second most popular affiliate network.

Within those two networks alone you can find thousands of products that you can earn commissions from. As I was saying earlier in the post. It is best to first see if there is interest in your hobby. For example: Golf is a very popular hobby however that market is very saturated with competition and could be hard to earn from that niche. Don’t let that discourage you though because there are literally thousands of hobbies that are out there that are just ripe for the pickings.

Upload Videos To Facebook

Facebook or Youtube?

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You are always hearing about how video marketing can really be beneficial to your online business. Part of good video marketing is knowing where to syndicate your videos. Being the type of guy who likes to experiment with different aspects of online marketing I uploaded a video to facebook.

What surprised me was how good the quality was using facebook. Personally I think facebook does a better job at playing back videos but that is just my opinion.

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Early Notice To My Peeps – About Marketing Online

Setting up a marketing online membership site for you

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While I don’t exactly know how many of you found my blog because of my other blogs or other forms of marketing. I just wanted to let those of you who are seeking for answers in on something.

I am starting a membership site over at my profitonknowledge site. It isn’t going to be a typical site. I decided instead of “trying”  to convince anyone of joining a business with me I am just going to share my marketing formula for you to follow.

I will be sharing my personal marketing blueprint.  It is taking me awhile to get it built because I really am working on over delivering on value.  There will be nothing to purchase unless you feel the need to do so.   I will talk more about this as I get closer to launching it….

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That wraps up this post, I will be posting more about my marketing online membership site as I get more details.

Everyone Knows Getting Comments Is The Life Of A Blog

Do you want to get more comments? I started all this blogging stuff online to make money. Ironically it has also become sorta of an obsession for me. I admit it I enjoy blogging, after all who doesn’t like to say whats on their mind?

Anyhow the point of this post is to give props to a blogger I have grown to enjoy very much.

His blogging style has given me tons of ideas, but the one that I like the most is his you comment I comment back movement.

I think this is a really good idea, so much so I am going to commit to that on this blog and see where it takes me.

While I am writing this post I will tell you that I have my other blogs pointing to this blog and I plan on getting a lot of traffic to this site. If you want some link love leave good comments. Spam isn’t appreciated and will just get deleted.

So as the little red graphic says, leave a comment I will comment back!

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Tip: A good way to get bloggers to come visit your blog is by visiting their blog and leaving a well thought out comment. don’t use lame software products that leave auto comments. They are easy to spot and gets deleted very quickly.

Online Marketing Blog – It Isn’t all It’s Cracked Up To Be?

At this point I have been marketing online for about 9 years. I have learned a ton of stuff on the subject and I must tell you, marketing on the internet isn’t for the weak of heart.

Tip: Using an Online Marketing Blog is the best way to start getting indexed in search engines.

In theory it sounds like a great idea, but for the first 4 years I struggled to just learn the basics.  The stuff they teach you in traditional school is pretty worthless when it comes to learning this craft.

I recommend spending some time on google and researching the basics of online marketing, there is a ton of free information out there on just about every subject.

A huge mistake I see people make all the time is they want to start an online business but they have no real direction.  Don’t go any further in this industry until you know exactly what it is you want to do.

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It is true that you can make money from your home computer, but make no mistake it will take time and hard work to see results.  Just remember regardless of what you want to do on the internet a great place to start is a online marketing blog.