So I Was Reading a Bruce Lee Story And…

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When I was younger my kung fu hero was Bruce Lee. I mean why not that guy was one bad mother F’er. I didn’t realize all those years ago that one day I would actually be following in his foot steps kinda. I remember my father doing martial arts with me when I was 3 yr’s old.

Ya I actually have images in my brain from that far back. Though admittedly they are fading as time passes. Really though I think much of martial arts really is self development or personal development. All martial artist strive for excellence. It is this striving for perfection that separates successful people from the failures in the world.

Ironically , the only thing that is really different between the two is that the successful person doesn’t understand what it means to give up. Continue reading So I Was Reading a Bruce Lee Story And…

Online Marketing Blog: Easy Entry Level Stuff

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Online Marketing Blog : This Is For Beginners

There are many ways to earn extra cash with an online marketing blog.  When it comes to blogging you need to look at is as a piece of property that you just bought.  In the beginning your blog doesn’t have much life at all. After you spend some time giving it some love though your blog ends up taking on a life of its own.

Online Marketing Blog : 3 Mistakes To Avoid

I write in several blogs, they all have a specific purpose to them, all of them except this one.  I started online because it’s my name and I bought the domain name.  I didn’t want to use it as just a forwarding domain so I decided to blog here. Only problem is I don’t have any particular theme for it. I tend to write about what ever I want to. This is not the right way to make money with an online marketing blog.

Mistake #1 : Not having a focused blog.  A good rule of thumb is that you want 10 main keywords you are going to write about. Each keyword should be related to the overall theme of your blog.

Mistake #2 :  What your blog looks like is just as important as what your blog says. Really take the time and effort to make your blog a interesting place to visit. Don’t over clutter it with promotions.

Mistake #3 : Speaking of Promotions -> You really shouldn’t try and promote anything until after you have people reading your blog.  Lately a lot of folks are talking about how important blogging is to your business, while this is true. If you are just starting out blogging you should first develop a readership based on your content, then work towards making money with your online marketing blog.

Online Marketing Blog : What Is Your Passion

Online Marketing BlogIf you are getting ready to start your first blog I highly recommend you create one based on your passion in life. If you do it this way you will be able to come up with much more content and be seen as an authority much easier by the people you attract to the blog.

There are many different blogging strategies and many different ways to make money from your online marketing blog. Non of them matter if your blog isn’t interesting. Once you find your groove the traffic will start to come. Make your blog as engaging as you can. Make sure to comment back to people that comment on your blog. Visit other bloggers sites and leave comments.

Develop marketing relationships with other bloggers. You would be amazed at how helpful and friendly some bloggers are.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog, but remember what I said this particular blog is not a good example of an online marketing blog.  Really the only reason I get any traffic on this site at all is because of personal promotions like back linking  the purpose of this blog for me is to just express myself.

If this was my only blog then I would connect with marketing opportunities of some sort.  I use this blog as nothing more than a relationship building blog. It is here so that people that follow me online can get to know the real me a little bit better.

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Online Marketing Blog – It Isn’t all It’s Cracked Up To Be?

At this point I have been marketing online for about 9 years. I have learned a ton of stuff on the subject and I must tell you, marketing on the internet isn’t for the weak of heart.

Tip: Using an Online Marketing Blog is the best way to start getting indexed in search engines.

In theory it sounds like a great idea, but for the first 4 years I struggled to just learn the basics.  The stuff they teach you in traditional school is pretty worthless when it comes to learning this craft.

I recommend spending some time on google and researching the basics of online marketing, there is a ton of free information out there on just about every subject.

A huge mistake I see people make all the time is they want to start an online business but they have no real direction.  Don’t go any further in this industry until you know exactly what it is you want to do.

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It is true that you can make money from your home computer, but make no mistake it will take time and hard work to see results.  Just remember regardless of what you want to do on the internet a great place to start is a online marketing blog.