Hi It’s Me Larry Rivera I Am Still Here

It’s been quite a journey since I last graced this blog with my presence. Back in 2007, I snagged this domain name on the advice of my savvy online marketing pals who touted its branding benefits. However, I never quite found my groove with it, as it remained more of a personal placeholder than a true passion project.

Fast forward to today, and the landscape has shifted dramatically. A 23-year marriage has come to an end, leaving me with two incredible daughters and a newfound sense of self. Along the way, health challenges cropped up, including a battle with Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma in 2019.

But amidst the trials, there have been triumphs. I’ve honed my online marketing prowess and transitioned into freelancing, utilizing these hard-earned skills to carve out a new path forward.

I’m eager to delve deeper into my journey in the posts to come, and I can’t wait to reconnect with all of you. Stay tuned for more updates and insights!

Finding Consistency In Your Actions

If there is one thing that slows people’s progress in life down it’s not having consistency in doing something. To find your consistency requires you to quite your mind and take little steps everyday towards whatever goal you may have in mind.

This of course is easy said than done, the best way I found that this can work for you is simply by committing to doing something everyday that brings you closer to where or whatever it is you are striving to accomplish.

This blog is a good and bad example of such actions. Because I actually work on several projects online I often neglect this blog. However I am always consistently remembering that I have this blog and that I should write in it.

So while I don’t write here often, overtime I have consistently written¬† here. This blog isn’t about getting getting readers. Although it’s always nice to see people visit.

This blog is really a journal of my online journey. Where I have been, where I am going and hopefully after I leave this adventure my words will maybe one day help someone else get through something.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web.


Larry Rivera

Coming Full Circle | Playing My Guitar Again!

Many moons ago in a galaxy far far away I use to play in a band. Over the years I’ve continued to play my guitar. But it wasn’t till very recently that I started playing with other people again.

I’ve just been playing on my acoustic for the past 15 years. Long story short I hooked back up with the guys I played with when I was 15 years old. I am loving playing with other people again.

The first song we worked out was a song we wrote some 20+ years ago..

If you stop by our youtube channel make sure you subscribe so you can check out the latest jams we put out and stuff….

Our First Full Enter Shaolin Seminar In Washington D.C. 2017

First I would like to say I feel so blessed to be able to share my Sifu’s martial art with the world.

I’ve been training with Sifu Phu for the past 24 years. It’s been an amazing journey.

While we have done seminars before this is the first time we have done a full seminar. I believe all of us who was there had a life changing experience.

What I found truly inspiring and amazing is the fact that the people who attended the seminar came because they are members of our Enter Shaolin family online.

We believe at Enter Shaolin that in order for you to be the best version of yourself you need to balance your Mind, Body and Spirit.

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How To Avoid Failing Like Other People When It Comes To Internet Marketing

It’s late at night and you are staring at your computer monitor wondering if indeed you can make money doing internet¬†marketing. It seems like it was a lifetime ago that I was doing that very thing.

I failed so many times trying to figure out a way to make money without having to get a job that I was beginning to feel like there wasn’t going to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

To make matters worse it seemed like everywhere I clicked people online made it seem like it was easy to make money through internet marketing.

The problem I faced and it may be the same problem you face today is who do you trust to teach you what you need to know to thrive online? Continue reading How To Avoid Failing Like Other People When It Comes To Internet Marketing