Did You Join Donners Party?

Where Donner Party Died Perished - 1848-1849
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It’s not often that I like to talk marketing on this blog. However I recently joined a new program called Empower Network and this program caused me to shift my online marketing blog focus 100%.

While there are some people who want to take their brick and mortar business and create an online presence for their business.

Most people who are seeking online success are trying to do it through affiliate marketing. If you are one of these folks, I want to warn you not to follow Donner’s Party.

Who Are The Donners ?

The Donner Party (sometimes called the Donner–Reed Party) was a group of American pioneers who set out for California in a wagon train. Delayed by a series of mishaps, they spent the winter of 1846–47 snowbound in the Sierra Nevada. Some of the emigrants resorted to cannibalism to survive, eating those who had succumbed to starvation and sickness.

Mercury's First Snow
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What these poor folks did was try and take a short cut. The short cut cost them their lives. In the online marketing world people are looking for the quickest way to earn money. They want to make the money so fast they end up taking wrong turns and disaster strikes.

How Not To End Up Following The Donners

Avoid affiliate companies that pay out slowly. Slow payouts make it hard for you to re-invest your profits into your business.

Only market products that you have purchased. If you are going to recommend to people products you should have also bought the product.

In my opinion it is unethical to sell something that you haven’t purchased.  Besides you can’t do a good review unless you actually purchased the product.

If the Donner party stayed on their original course they would have avoided disaster. There is a right way to get your online marketing business going.

Start with marketing a product where you can earn 100% commissions paid directly into your account.  I recently re-invested some of my time and started learning some new marketing principles. I was guilty of following the donners, but I have seen the light.

If you are feeling kinda lost right now. If you haven’t had the success you hoped for online don’t give up. I recently joined the empower network and it turned my frown upside down 🙂


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How To Sell With Your Online Marketing Blog

Rules of thumb
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The Art Of Selling Without Selling

When it comes to blogging it is better to entertain your readers than it is to sell to your readers.  Good blogs engage the readers emotions.  To often you see blogs that do nothing but try to sell.

These types of blogs are annoying at best.  I wonder if anyone has ever told these folks that their blogs aren’t very interesting.

A good rule of thumb is for every promotional piece you write, you may want to write 5 content pieces in between. This way your reader doesn’t get bored of your site.

It Is Easy To Entertain People

Don’t make blogging harder than it really is. You can easily find loads of content online that will entertain your readers. Just recently while I was reading one of my favorite blogs I watch this Youtube video that went insanely viral.

Watch the video it will put a smile on your face. It goes to show you how ordinary people can achieve some fantastic results.

Imagine if you had over 1 million viewers watching your video.

So my advice is this: When writing in your online marketing blog do all you can to entertain your readers.  People like funny and remember funny. To often  see blogs online just trying to sell their products. My eyes instantly glaze over those blogs.

I always re-visit blogs that educate me and entertain me.

In your next blog post share something funny with your readers and see their reactions.


I would love to hear your feedback! Share your thoughts below:)




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It’s Not Often I Will Speak About This

exercise makes you horny
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Every Now And Than Something Comes Along…

When I first started writing in this blog I told myself I wasn’t going to market or mention programs I am involved with.  The reason is because the majority of what I do online to earn some extra money is very niche specific.

What I mean by that is that I couldn’t ask my friends or family to do something that they themselves have no real interest in other than maybe say the compensation plan.

Alright Larry Spill It ! What Is This All About?

There is a saying different strokes for different folks, HOWEVER I am involved with something that every person on this planet should be involved with regardless of if they are getting paid for it or not. I am not going to tell you about it, but I created a video so that you could learn more about it if you are interested..

Trust me when I say that this is something that you personally could benefit from guaranteed. I know a strong claim but it is true.

Okay Here Is The Video, at the end a form will magically appear for you to fill out if you are interested!


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Online Marketing Blog: Easy Entry Level Stuff

Blogging Workflow
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Online Marketing Blog : This Is For Beginners

There are many ways to earn extra cash with an online marketing blog.  When it comes to blogging you need to look at is as a piece of property that you just bought.  In the beginning your blog doesn’t have much life at all. After you spend some time giving it some love though your blog ends up taking on a life of its own.

Online Marketing Blog : 3 Mistakes To Avoid

I write in several blogs, they all have a specific purpose to them, all of them except this one.  I started LarryRivera.com online because it’s my name and I bought the domain name.  I didn’t want to use it as just a forwarding domain so I decided to blog here. Only problem is I don’t have any particular theme for it. I tend to write about what ever I want to. This is not the right way to make money with an online marketing blog.

Mistake #1 : Not having a focused blog.  A good rule of thumb is that you want 10 main keywords you are going to write about. Each keyword should be related to the overall theme of your blog.

Mistake #2 :  What your blog looks like is just as important as what your blog says. Really take the time and effort to make your blog a interesting place to visit. Don’t over clutter it with promotions.

Mistake #3 : Speaking of Promotions -> You really shouldn’t try and promote anything until after you have people reading your blog.  Lately a lot of folks are talking about how important blogging is to your business, while this is true. If you are just starting out blogging you should first develop a readership based on your content, then work towards making money with your online marketing blog.

Online Marketing Blog : What Is Your Passion

Online Marketing BlogIf you are getting ready to start your first blog I highly recommend you create one based on your passion in life. If you do it this way you will be able to come up with much more content and be seen as an authority much easier by the people you attract to the blog.

There are many different blogging strategies and many different ways to make money from your online marketing blog. Non of them matter if your blog isn’t interesting. Once you find your groove the traffic will start to come. Make your blog as engaging as you can. Make sure to comment back to people that comment on your blog. Visit other bloggers sites and leave comments.

Develop marketing relationships with other bloggers. You would be amazed at how helpful and friendly some bloggers are.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog, but remember what I said this particular blog is not a good example of an online marketing blog.  Really the only reason I get any traffic on this site at all is because of personal promotions like back linking  the purpose of this blog for me is to just express myself.

If this was my only blog then I would connect with marketing opportunities of some sort.  I use this blog as nothing more than a relationship building blog. It is here so that people that follow me online can get to know the real me a little bit better.

Talk To You Soon!


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Making Money Blogs – Are You Following The Pack?

"The lamb made it!" - Pack of wolves...
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Making Money Blogs – What separates you from everyone else?

I believe that in order for people to notice what you are doing you can’t just be another one of those making money blogs. I think the internet is littered with millions of them already.  I have been working one of those  making money blogs for sometime now and  I won’t lie it’s very hard to compete against other online marketers especially if your technical skills are lacking.  I have learned a thing or two that may quicken your ability to find your groove.

Making Money Blogs – Get A Jumpstart Ahead Of Everyone Else

If you are just starting out online I want to give you some of the best advice you can get online. Don’t start your journey in the make money at home from your home computer niche. Yep I said that! The biggest mistake that people make is believing that they can make money starting in this particular industry. Instead I highly recommend getting involved in a niche that you have a lot of knowledge in.

A while back I decided to not worry about what my sites looked like or how good my grammar skills where.  When I started making videos I decided that I wouldn’t stand in front of a fancy care with some fancy digs on. The reason is because I have always believed that the content can stand on its own two feet. I always wanted to attract people to me that care more about content and less about aesthetics. I didn’t than as I don’t now have the time to worry about that sorta of stuff.

With the knowledge I have now about marketing online, I wish I did know how to build a book shelf or rebuild a motor. Heck I wish I knew how to sew. Why you might ask? It is because these are the types of things that can get you paid online.

Making Money Blogs – Why Blog?

There are only 3 reasons that I can think of, but they are 3 very good reasons and if you are on the fence about starting one of those making money blogs this should help convince you that you should.

  • Blogs are easy to use. Seriously compared to building other types of sites blogs are pretty basic. Also you can start learning how to use html. While to be a good blogger you don’t need to know much html you should know a little.
  • Seo benefits, compared to static websites blogs are easier when it comes to getting search engine rankings. Search engines love sites that are updated regularly.
  • You can create a social community. Blogs are great for finding people that are interested in what you are interested in.

To wrap this post up, just keep in mind that blogging should be fun.   Like Me ? Hate Me? Breathing? Leave a comment I would love to know about it!