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How To Sell With Your Online Marketing Blog

Rules of thumb
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The Art Of Selling Without Selling

When it comes to blogging it is better to entertain your readers than it is to sell to your readers.  Good blogs engage the readers emotions.  To often you see blogs that do nothing but try to sell.

These types of blogs are annoying at best.  I wonder if anyone has ever told these folks that their blogs aren’t very interesting.

A good rule of thumb is for every promotional piece you write, you may want to write 5 content pieces in between. This way your reader doesn’t get bored of your site.

It Is Easy To Entertain People

Don’t make blogging harder than it really is. You can easily find loads of content online that will entertain your readers. Just recently while I was reading one of my favorite blogs I watch this Youtube video that went insanely viral.

Watch the video it will put a smile on your face. It goes to show you how ordinary people can achieve some fantastic results.

Imagine if you had over 1 million viewers watching your video.

So my advice is this: When writing in your online marketing blog do all you can to entertain your readers.  People like funny and remember funny. To often  see blogs online just trying to sell their products. My eyes instantly glaze over those blogs.

I always re-visit blogs that educate me and entertain me.

In your next blog post share something funny with your readers and see their reactions.


I would love to hear your feedback! Share your thoughts below:)




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2 thoughts on “How To Sell With Your Online Marketing Blog”

  1. The video is really funny. Love how the old folks are trying to make funny faces on the webcam. And Larry, I agree with you, the best way to sell your product is not to act like your selling them. Informing readers and answering to their queries truthfully could make a difference in your sales volume.

  2. that is some of the best and most basic common sence that i have found searching the net to do with blog articals, awesome work i will be implementing your ideas into my site thank you.

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