Dell Computer Company Pisses Me Off!

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Have You Bough A Dell Computer?

I don’t like to talk crap on a company but my recent situation really fired me up. Let me explain what happened to me.

About a month ago my Dell computer just stopped working.  Yes my computer just stopped working out of nowhere. My computer wouldn’t boot period. The fans were spinning and I was getting an error message, so I called Dell up for support.

I figured since I had a Dell Computer I would call their support up.

My Phone Conversation With A Dell Computer Tech

Firstly, I am not racist in any sense of the word. I really wish Dell would realize that us American english speaking customers get pissed off when we have to repeat ourselves because we are talking to people who don’t speak english well.

So after explaining my problem the technician asked me to trouble shoot. I told him that I spent 3 hours looking through forums and I think I know what the problem is. The technician wasn’t hearing it. He made me spend an extra 30 minutes following his step by step trouble shoot. I am sure he was reading from a script the guy didn’t sound like he had a clue about anything.

So after a mind numbing session he said I still had a warranty and they are going to send me a mother board and heat sink fan. So I waited for 6 days …

Dell computer company drops the bomb!

After waiting 6 computerless days I called up again to ask about the situation with my Dell computer. The new tech person said, oh sorry your warranty expired didn’t you get the email? Seriously I called them up because my computer is broken how would I get the email?

Anyhow, I spend $400 on a new warranty and started the process up again. This time they sent a technician out to me. That guy came here installed the new harddrive but that didn’t solve the problem.

He called the main office up and the dell tech once again made that guy do the same troubleshooting they made me do.

Long story short in all they sent me 3 different technicians all 3 technicians was unable to help me. The last one they sent me actually crashed my hard drive.  The last guy they sent me seemed like he didn’t even know what he was doing.

After 4 weeks my problem was kinda resolved. My computer still isn’t working right. I have a new hard drive , motherboard, heat sink, graphic card.. It still runs like shit.

The first tech that came to my house thought maybe my cpu or powersupply is bad. Even after telling dell that, they still didn’t think about giving me a new cpu or powersupply.

I am writing this article because I am frustrated with how worthless Dell’s customer service is. This is a perfect example how companies really aren’t listening to consumers.

I have been using and building computers since 1994. I think I know a little something about computers.

My advice: I highly recommend that you not only back up your information on your computer. If your information is very important to you don’t just back up your stuff actually clone your hard drive. This way you will be able to get back up and running quickly.

I was totally unprepared for this happening to me. I spent 3 pain staking days trying to get all my vital information back.


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