Larry Rivera – Chilling On The Weekend

As I sit here playing on my new Dell Latitude tablet. I am reflecting back on why I got involved with online marketing in the first place.

Larry Rivera Using His TabletI don’t know about you but getting paid wages and working for an employer who is ultimately interested in their own profits didn’t sound appealing to me.

Personally, I like the idea of picking my own hours and working from home. I believe I am psychologically unemployable. The main reason why I writing this blog post today is because it has been a while since I actually blogged on the weekend. Continue reading Larry Rivera – Chilling On The Weekend

Testing Out Format Features – Youtube Video Test

I need to be perfectly honest with you. I have no idea what these new format features mean or do. So the only way to find out is to use them.

This one is for the video format I am going to test it out with a Youtube video

What do you think? Looking at the preview it doesn’t look any different than the other post. I’ll prob just stick to standard post…..

Taking A Simple Approach To My Larry Rivera Blog

Okay I haven’t really been happy with my blog theme for the past year or so. I haven’t done anything about it because to be truthful I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  Maybe you are like me and you created a blog because somewhere someone told you that if you are doing any kind of online affiliate marketing business you need one.

The idea is that if you get your blog it’s a way to brand you as a online marketer. This is suppose to help you gain credibility and trust in the market place.  I’ve been blogging now since around 2006 on several different blogs. Did buying my domain help me make any money?

The answer to that I would have to say in NO. I suppose it can help, but nothing trumps goods SEO practice and supplying your readers with quality content. Does this mean you shouldn’t get  I think if you do any form of business online creating a blog in your name is a great way for a potential customer, member etc to get to know you better.

Some people make their name a brand. If you ask me though that is a pretty narcissist attitude to have.  It doesn’t leave much room for anyone else.  The truth is nobody is ever a 1 person show. In order for someone to be great it’s usually because they have had people around them who are also great.

So in the nature of online business, I don’t think getting your is super important. What is important is getting a domain name that reflects the industry you are involved in. Search engines will have an easier time figuring out what your blog is about if you tell them in your domain name what it’s about.

Because it has taken me what seems like forever to figure out what I  should do with this blog. I decided to take a very simple and basic approach to my blog theme. I decided that the theme of this particular blog.

One final thought….

Having blog has been a real headache. If you feel you must get then by all means go ahead. If you are like me though and not sure what you are actually going to talk about. I advise against it.

I’ve had this domain for years and I am still not sure what to do with it. After all it’s my name, I am not sure what I want to tie that too…….


June 2014 Update

To say I haven’t been here much is an understatement. I’ve been very busy developing my new business. It’s a different kind of online business than I am use to doing. For starters I decided that I earned my stripes in the online home business niche.

I learned a lot over the years about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing. I’ve made money, I have had amazing successes and gut wrenching failures.  I suppose the moral of the story is simply this…

If you have a dream don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible. My dream was to combine online marketing with my martial arts training. it took me approximately 10 years of studying online marketing to be in a place in my life and my skill set to be able to effectively combine the two skills.

Finally after a lot of soul searching and persistence. I am able to 100% focus my time, effort and energy into the things I truly love. HELL YA  I am excited about that. More than likely I will be very busy the next few months so I am guessing that I won’t be here all that much.

I will from time to time drop by and share my thoughts with you.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. I know it was a really short blog post. I promise to have more thought provoking post in the future…….

Blogging For The Love Of It

Why Do You Blog?

I’ve always thought the idea of blogging was fun. It’s like your own personal space where you can say and do what you want. There isn’t really a right way or wrong way to blog. Of course if you venture into the online money making world.

Believe it or not I don’t recommend you think about “how to make money”. Rather you should blog about something you love to already do. This way you will find it easier to write about stuff you really love to do.


For example: A new hobby of mine is taking pictures. I am not very good at it but I enjoy doing it. I’ve thought about turning this blog into a photo blog at some point.


I just wanted to chime in for a moment and share some thoughts with you.


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