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Larry Rivera – I May Be A Bum But I Know SEO

I finally Did  IT! I got Larry Rivera to the first page of google again….. YA ME!

So as the story goes. I was doing a google search and seen that this blog was like on the 4th page of the google rankings.  I started working on getting Larry Rivera ranked back on the first page On January 13th 2015.

SEO Ranking - Larry Rivera
First Page Second Spot on google using the Chrome browser To Check


Unfortunately I wasn’t thinking that maybe I should document my journey back to the first page of google for the keyword Larry Rivera. However I have captured some screen shots today with my progress. Just trust me when I say I was nowhere to be found in the search engines.  After the post I did on the 13th I did another blog post January 29th

Larry Rivera - Seo - Firefox
This is on Yahoo search using Firefox as you can see over there I am in the first spot and one of my images are showing up in search


My Feburary 13th 2015 Larry Rivera Blog Post Got Me There

In that post I started talking about what I did to start ranking up at the time of that post I was at the bottom of google search on page 2 and that post got me to the top of page 2.  In that blog post I talk about some of the specific things I did to rank larry rivera up

Larry Rivera - Seo - Internet Explorer
In this image I am in the first spot and I got an image up this is on internet explorer and bing search engine.


Is Larry Rivera A SEO GURU?

I don’t want to toot my own horn. But this isn’t the only blog I write in and I have some choice keyword phrases in some of my niches using similar techniques that I used to get my site back on the first page for my name.

To be honest there really isn’t a secret to getting your stuff ranked.  I would like you to notice a few things.

from the above screenshots it appears Google is harder to get on the first page than Bing and Yahoo.

While I would have loved to document this experience fully I simply forgot to and I am sorry about that. However, here are some of the things I did that made the difference.

I deep linked to each one of my post, not just with my keyword phrase but I also deep linked to my older post with support phrases (alt text).

I made sure to syndicate my post as well as leave some comments on some cool bloggers… Basically getting some link juice.

Note: Larry Rivera isn’t really a competitive keyword phrase and I commend the other person who I share a name with because he has done quite well himself. 

With that being said, if you take the time to read the post that led up to this post (hint: they are deep linked within this post) you will see how I created my linking structure for better seo. Look at my headlines as well as the pictures I used…

All the post where focused on just one goal. Get a higher rank in the search engines. I tried to keep all the post entertaining and informative.

You can copy this seo strategy and assuming you aren’t competing against a super competitive keyword you should have no problems climbing up in rank.

I hope you found some value from these post. Maybe you laughed, maybe you cried or maybe you think I am totally insane and that’s okay.

I look forward to sharing more of my journey in life with you

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