How To Fall In Love With Blogging Again – By Larry Rivera

Larry RiveraSomewhere around 2006 I finally decided to look into what all this wordpress buzz was all about. Clearly I was missing out on something. As the years roll by I keep blogging.

Especially here on this blog. I admit there has been days where I come to my blog and just stare at it. Wondering if anything will ever come of this space. I remember starting this blog thinking goodness do I really want someone knowing who Larry Rivera is?

Even more frighting was the thought of actually putting my thoughts where the world could potentially see them.

I had lot’s of hang ups when I first got started putting myself on the world wide web.  I must admit though, I remember like many of you may remember the first time I got online.

Listening to my computer connect to the internet via AOL and being able to tap into the world and communicate with the rest of the world. I remember just searching and searching about anything and everything.

Once I finally stumbled upon the idea of blogging it was around 2006. I didn’t at the time have Larry Rivera as a domain. In my studies I read somewhere that you needed to brand yourself so I bought my name.

Larry Rivera – Growth Only Comes With Pain There Is No Other Way

The irony is if I known I would of ended up being a serial blogger maybe I would have spent time paying attention in writing class more.

My early years where horrible. I never was any good at writing or grammer or spelling or anything to do with the written word. I go back from time to time to see where I have been and where I am now.

While my writing has improved a bit, my grammer and spelling is still oh so terrible. But I don’t let it stop me anymore. I figure if someone is interested in me they will forgive my ignorance and look past my minor flaws to see what I am trying to say.

I think it takes courage to put yourself out there. I commend anyone who is willing to do that.

I am always pushing forward never looking backwards. I’ve made more money online than people who are much smarter than I. Who spell better than me, hell I’ve made more money online than people who graducated high school.

The reason is because I keep pushing forward, inspite of the fact that I have many flaws and limitations.

To Blog Or Not To Blog On Larry Rivera Dot Com

I see all these blogs popping up everywhere the owners buy their names dress up in business suits and dresses. They photoshop pictures of big ships, sports cars, money into their headers.

They talk about being personal development coaches, life coaches etc…….

I’ve never been able and probably never will be able to be that type of person. I love to help people. But I really don’t like being in the lime light. I don’t really like big crowds of people. I am not even to fond of accepting a compliment.

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I was raised to be humble. But I realize that the biggest hangup I have had over the years is myself. That’s probably why I keep giving this blog a face lift .

I keep trying to inspire myself to do something on Larry Rivera. Finally after years of blogging on different domain names I own. I finally figured out what to do with Larry Rivera. Simply put just be myself.

I am not writing here for profit. I am writing here to get to know people and get people to know me.

Unfortunately I’ve dropped the ball in this department. Due in large to having to many things on my plate at once. You know the saying…

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

I believe that has happened here on this blog. 2015 is a new year and I have made a new commitment to make Larry Rivera a relevant blog to share my knowledge, views and ideas.


…To make new friends

I look forward to talking with you and sharing ideas…

Larry Rivera






Larry Rivera



P.S. I spent so much time learning how to make money online I forgot what really attracted me to blogging. It was the simple idea that I could share my thoughts with people around the world and I thought that was a pretty cool thing to be able to do.

After doing some thinking about this site, I realized that rather than trying to think about what to write about here, I am just going enjoy the art of writing itself and just express myself…

Now it’s your turn…

How about you? Why do you blog?

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Larry Rivera

Thanks for reading my blog. was started because someone told me once that If I am going to "try" and make money online I need buy my name domain. What you will find on this blog is things that interest me. If you like any of the articles I write, leave me a comment and lets connect :-) - When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Appears

6 thoughts on “How To Fall In Love With Blogging Again – By Larry Rivera”

  1. I can definitely relate to this post, Larry.

    English (specifically Grammar) has never been my strong suit, but throughout the years I have been able to improve it.

    I am pretty sure I lost a good number of visitors, when I first started blogging, mostly because my writing (it wasn’t that good).

    But once I started making some money, I quickly hired a proof reader. It was one of the best decisions I made for my business :).

    Best wishes for 2015, Larry! Keep up the amazing work.

    – Dev

  2. Hey Larry,

    I don’t think I’ve ever been by this blog but nice to know you’ve had it for some time even though it might being needing some serious TLC about now.

    Since I’ve come to know you and respect you so much I can understand your journey and your decisions as well. I use to be an executive assistant by profession so I was able to write letters and such but nothing more. Coming into blogging was scary for me too. What would people think or say! I’m not good with compliments either, just the way I was raised too. But if people appreciate something you said or shared that helped them in some way then I think it’s a very nice gesture for them to say thank you.

    Good luck to you with this blog and I’m sure you’ll do well. Have fun just writing and sharing with all of us “just Larry”.


    1. Hi Adrienne, it has been difficult trying to figure out what to do with this space.

      Over the years I have been torn between seeing other marketers use their blogs for their business and feeling that I should only blog on sites where I can get the most seo juice.

      There was a time where having the name of your keyword in your domain was more helpful than it is today.

      But I realized recently that the dedicated hosting service I use offers me 5 unique ip addresses. So I can create my own personal blog network of unique sites.

      Another words My sites aren’t on the same shared hosted ip address. That’s a good thing 🙂

      But yes I am going to just focus on just writing on this blog for the love writing.. Good to see you 🙂

  3. Hi Larry

    A different style of post I got here and much impressed to hear your bold views about blogging.

    It is rightly said that one thing is common in life and blogging. For both it all depends upon how a person takes it. If he takes blogging a way to enjoy he will not be bored doing it. If he takes it a kinda 9 to 5 job so boredom is obviously there.

    You are right instead of writing to enjoy it is better to enjoy writing and then obviously sky would be the limit. If a person enjoy doing a job other things remain of secondary nature for him.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your wonderful views on this topic and nice to meet you.

    1. Hi Mi Muba, for some reason you ended up in my spam section. Even though I’ve read your post and you are legit. Sometimes the spam filters get it right, sometimes they miss the mark totally. Thanks for stopping by and commenting though 🙂

      Nice to meet you…

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