Still Blocking? Trying To Block Punches? Try This Instead

Block PunchesIn martial arts one of the things we hope to learn is how to block punches right?

The problem with this is that it’s really not the most effective way from stopping someone from punching you in the face.

It might slow them down for a minute, but ultimately it won’t actually stop them from attacking you.  While I am on the subject trying to block punches is also like trying lock a persons wrist.

Don’t get me wrong it’s good if you can block punches and it’s also good if you lock a persons wrist.

What I am talking about though is if you get stuck on the idea that you have to stop the punch or the idea that you have to get a wrist lock to work.

In Kung Fu you hear folks in the know always say be like water. Or you have to flow like water, something along those lines.

One of the meanings of that is you need to be able to go from one technique to the next smoothly so that if one of your techniques fails, you simply move on to the next technique without missing a beat.

Don’t Block Punches – Attack And Defend At The Same Time

So what happens when you are always focused on trying to block punches? You get stuck on the defensive end of things and eventually even the most skilled martial artist is going to get hit.

The secret is to become a good counter attacker. There are a few ways you can accomplish this.  In the video you about to watch We discuss the idea of combining offense and defense. My Sifu likes to call it doffense.

Basically deflecting an attack while simultaneously attacking your opponent.

A Wing Chun concept is to simply simplify…

…Or another way of saying it: Less = More!

Either way when you can combine your attack and your defense it puts pressure on your opponent. The more pressure you put on your opponent the harder it is for him to mount an effect attack against you.

Karate KidI know in the martial arts world everyone is looking for that secret technique that will in the words of the Mister Miyagi


Unfortunately in the real world that mindset will fail you. Because every technique can be countered.

With that said when you combine your attack and defense together, it is very difficult for your opponent to counter you because of the speed of the attack.

It’s A Waste Of Energy To Try And Block Punches – Attack Instead

When your mind is constantly focused on defending yourself you will not effective fight. Of course if your mind is stuck on attacking all the time you may find yourself on the receiving end of a left hook.

The best way to approach a violent situation is to just breath And feel your way out……


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