It Was Time For A Facelift

Well I finally twisted my friend and partner Jamie Pelaez’s arm to make me a new logo & header for this blog.  I am so glad I did because I stink at making graphics. I mean I can make them, they just look  like poo. It is amazing what a little eye candy can do for your web presence.

Now that I am using this shiny new theme, logo & header its time I start writing in this blog more regularly. Which I keep telling myself I will but I keep running into the same problem over and over. I see other people putting blogs on their and usually their blogs are about their business.  I don’t particularly want to talk shop on this blog.  While I got this domain name because I do market online and I wanted to get (which btw I think anyone who is remotely serious about marketing online should do.)

I am not sure what I should really be writing about. I was never one for keeping a journal or diary. So I suppose I will continue  along writing what ever strikes my fancy.

So here is a before pic of this site..

As you can see my new layout is much better.

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Larry Rivera

Thanks for reading my blog. was started because someone told me once that If I am going to "try" and make money online I need buy my name domain. What you will find on this blog is things that interest me. If you like any of the articles I write, leave me a comment and lets connect :-) - When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Appears

2 thoughts on “It Was Time For A Facelift”

  1. LOL, The truth really is… I was more than glad to give Larry’s blog a new look. (No arm twisting here!)

    Your blog design and logo is like your home. When someone comes over they should be able to get some sense of who you are.

    I just helped organize and translate that into graphic form, so when people come to Larry’s blog they get a real sense of who he is before they even get to the good stuff (the content).

    Larry, like you I have neglected my personal name site. I have struggled with whether or not to make it all about marketing or all personal or what. I have decided to just write whatever comes to me when I feel compelled to write. So far that has a been a mixture of all things that are in my life (marketing included).

    Don’t feel too bad though Larry, I still have to give my own blog a real identity with graphics. Which will be happening soon! I just pray I can come up with a logo & theme that screams me, like I have been able to do for others.

    I have been avoiding it for way too long! I also think when our blog does not feel like it represents us we are less likely to want to write in it. That has been at least my personal experience!

    Looking forward to seeing you write more here Larry!

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