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What Is VapingOkay so to be honest when I first learned about vaping I was little bit leary. I don’t like being a Guinea pig and to be honest there really isn’t a lot of research on how healthy vaping is.

However the alternative was to keep smoking cigarettes which we do have enough research to show that it’s down right dangerous to your health.

I tried all kinds of methods to stop smoking. None of them really effectively worked. I enjoyed puffing on those cancer sticks.  I have been smoke free for several years now all due to the fact that I can vape.

Once I realized that vaping really could help me kick the “smoking habit” I started buying all types of different E-cig products. If there was one thing I realized for sure was that it’s another expensive habit or so I thought.

I thought this because I was buying those over the counter little e-cigs with catridges. I did buy a few brands online but the atomizers kept going bad really fast.

Finally after looking at the cost over the past year I decided something had to give buying e-cigs was becoming an expensive habit. That’s when I started looking at the more expensive vape units. I bought my first set up and shot a video about it.

Nautilus Aspire – Starter Newbie Review

Nautilus AspireSo maybe you are here because your thinking about quitting smoking, maybe your here because your curious if you should spend the money to buy the Nautilus Aspire.

If your like me, maybe you are already using those disposable E-cigs. This review is really for you.

First don’t let the price tag put you off. They are about $30 depending on where you buy it from. It’s worth the cost because you will be saving yourself a ton of money in switching from the throw away ones. While I am talking about vapor tanks.

I need to point out a few things that mostly occur to you if you are a first time user and you don’t know much about how these things work.

They use coils: I’ve noticed if you use 12 to 13 w batteries your probably going to burn out your coil fast. I keep mine set to about 9w and it last me about 2 weeks. Coils cost $3  So it’s gonna cost you around $6 a month in coils to use this vape tank.

They Leak: These things leak if the coils are starting to go bad also if you let the E-juice get to low. Mine starts getting finiky at around 1ml  meaning it’s starts gurgling and crackling more.

If you find that you are getting e-juice spitting blow through it and catch the spillover with a tissue or something.

At first it was annoying, but once I learned about things like priming the coils etc. I got the unit working smoothly.

Nautilus Aspire – My Batteries

You are going to have to buy a batteries for Nautilus Aspire. I’ll be honest I don’t know to much about them. There are many different types I’ll leave it at that for now.

Kanger IPOW 2 - 1600mAhI had to buy 2 batteries one wasn’t enough for me. My batteries use an intelligent buck-boost circuitry technology allowing for 3.0V to 5.0 V voltage adjustment in 0.1V increments by simply twisting the voltage adjustment mechanism at the base of the unit.

The LCD display screen has been enhanced with LED backlighting, and displays the current voltage output setting as well as remaining battery charge.

What stinks about these batteries is if you run it hot it will need to be recharged in about 2 hours. If you run it low you can get 5 to 6 hours out of it.  The batteries cost about $21 each, again depending on where you buy it from.

Nautilus Aspire – Next You Need A Tank Of E-liquid

Vintage E-Liquids The LegendFinally e-juice cost between $4 and $7 there are so many different juices and flavors to choose. If your just starting out your going to have to try a whole bunch until you find what you like.

A Full tank of e-juice in the aspire will last you 2 to 3 days if you only vape once in while. If you are a hard core vaper addict you will go through a tank in a day. You get around 3 to 4 tank fulls out it.  There are other variables, but that stuff is for another blog post.

So basically to get started using a good vaping device your going to have to invest about $100 give or take a few bucks.

The bottom line is: I don’t recommend vaping if you don’t smoke cigerettes. There is no point getting addicted to nicotine. It’s an expensive habit and it’s not healthy for you.

If you already smoke you need switch right away you will save a small fortune. While there hasn’t been a long enough study to see the long term effects from vaping. I can tell you what the long term effects of smoking looks like.

This is my first post on vaping. I am sure I will do more post, videos, reviews, tutorials on the subject in the future… For the money the Nautilus Aspire is worth it.



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