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Larry Rivera – Reclaiming My Rank Position Online

It’s been awhile now since Larry Rivera . com was on the first page of the search engines. I was there for a while and I am not sure exactly what happened that caused me to loose the rank.

I take that back…

I am pretty sure it had to do with what “google” says is relevant. I can’t say I blame them really.

It’s not like I am creating epic changes to the world or anything like that. But I would like it that my Larry Rivera site shows up on the first page in google.

Though I have noticed that the other ” Larry Rivera ” has done some marketing that would push him/them over the top.

What I find interesting is that even though I have the domain name, I don’t have much stuff pointing to this this domain.

Some Of The Stuff I Think I got Wrong On Larry Rivera

I am not the only Larry Rivera. I am the 3rd. My dad is actually Larry Rivera JR.
I am not the only Larry Rivera. I am the 3rd. My dad is actually Larry Rivera JR.

I think some of the issues with me not showing up where I want to is that I am constantly making new changes to the wordpress themes of this site.

I think its my A.D.D. kicking in. I am never happy with the way this site looks. I haven’t quite found something that screams to YES!!! This is the feel that I want for Larry Rivera . com

I feel like I have failed at building this site. I have a bunch of post on here but I don’t think any of them actually go together in a any particular order. It’s like chaos here.

So I think part of the solution to fixing the problem is to re – organize the way I categorize stuff.  I definitely need better time management skills.

While I am thinking about it, taking a vacation or two wouldn’t hurt either.  See there I go again not completing thoughts. Ultimately I think this is my problem I never truly know what to do with this space and google knows it.

Do you have problems with time management? Just curious…

In theory I thought maybe I would use this blog to show my transformation from newbie internet marketing to living the internet marketing lifestyle. But I quickly realized that I honestly don’t care to do much marketing and promoting on this blog.

It just isn’t my style…

Besides, there are enough people out there on the internet with their name dot coms who are branding themselves and I never liked being part of a crowd.

I had a brilliant idea for like half a second that I would talk about my generation. My generation is called the X Gen. Why I don’t really know, but I do know that nothing special happened during my youth.

space shuttle challengerUnless you consider the space shuttle challenge blowing up. That’s what I remember from second grade. It was big news for us gen xers… I remember watching the launch on T.V.

I also got a signed autograph picture that I since lost by the crew. Thinking back on it, I wish I would have saved that in a safe place.

The New SEO Formula For Larry Rivera Dot Com

After doing lots and lots of research on how to increase page rank , how to do good on page seo. I decided to follow a few basic rules from this point forward.

  1. It appears google doesn’t like a few words on a blog post, they prefer to have thousands of words. 1000 to 2000 words seems like what the experts say is a good amount of words. While this seems a bit extreme to me I’ll give it a try so expect longer post from me.
  2. Deep links with relevant alt text. I wasn’t doing this until recently. I didn’t realize just how important it was to deep link your blog post.
  3. Apparently I am going to have to use my name more often in blog post since I don’t actually link myself to do much.
  4. While I visit lots of blogs, I don’t comment using this domain often that’s going to change.

Do you think making any of these changes is going to help me?

My guess is a little, but suspiciously I suspect if I am going to want to get higher search engine rankings I am going to have to come up with better content that is more engaging and that scares me to death.


You might ask?

Because I don’t generally have much of an opinion on things. I also don’t usually have all that much to say. Though my close friends say I love to talk. I don’t see myself that way.

I tend to keep to myself and am not to fond of crowds. And I keep going back to the, I really don’t like the spot light. It took me forever to start making youtube videos and sometimes I would write blog post and decide that I really didn’t want anyone to read them.

All pointing back to my A.D.D. I am sure.

 Now I Just Need To Squeeze A Little More Juice Out For Larry Rivera

So here we are. I am running out of stuff to talk about. I really didn’t think it was possible to ramble on this long and say absolutely nothing about nothing. While I would love for you to comment I am not even sure I would comment on this post.

But I would still love to hear your thoughts….

I think that’s the biggest challenge I have here. I want to create more engagement on this blog. Social engagement.

I think I need to reach out more and talk to more social bloggers. You know the folks that blog just to blog. Maybe I can draw some inspiration for blog post from them.

The bottom line is if the OTHER “Larry Rivera” happens to read this post. Watch out! I am coming for you. In a friendly kind of not confrontational kind of way. I am pretty sure by looking at your marketing that you are aware of my existence as I am of yours.

Sometimes I wonder if some how we are related because my family also comes from Hawaii. Both me and my dad play the ukulele. However, I prefer playing the guitar.

Anyhow, if you happen to read this Mr. Larry Rivera, just know that I am staking a claim in the search engines for our name.

Only time will tell if I achieve my goal..

Stay Tuned For Updates… I am hoping the next couple of months to move up the search engine rankings for my name as silly as that sounds…..


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