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Larry Rivera – My Journey To The Top And The Struggle For Supremacy

Well some may thing this is a fluffed up post about Larry Rivera other’s may realize that I am writing a supporting post to reclaiming my first page rankings on google.  Since I’ve committed myself to getting back to the first page of google listings I’ve been a busy little bee.

I’ve come to realize that I let this blog fall to the wayside because my focus was everywhere else but here. Word to the wise, don’t spread yourself to thin. You might find that you have a hard time keeping up with yourself.

So here are some of things I’ve done To increase Larry Rivera dot com

Larry Rivera Meets Henry Winkler
I met the fonz! When I was boy

Here is a quick list of things I started doing:

  • Started commenting on more peoples blogs
  • Started driving twitter traffic back to me
  • Started uploading more pictures
  • Using alt tags more often
  • Posting more frequently
  • Creating more deep links to my post

The result is I have went from the bottom of page 2 on google search to the top of page 2 of google search. All I can say is watch out Larry Rivera I am gunning for your position. Again in the most nicest, humblest way possible 🙂

So my journey to the top continues onward…

What Do You Actually Do Larry Rivera ?

The funny thing is I have been trying to figure out how to vocalize that for years. I do many things. I teach martial arts, I play guitar and I market on the internet. Sometimes I play video games, I exercise regularly and I attempt to eat a healthy diet most times..

But what is that I actually do?

Originally my intention was to just teach martial arts. I quickly realized that the martial arts market is a luxury product. Another words if the economy is bad your business will suffer.

So I started looking at different ways to bring in an income. It just so happened back in 2002 I was playing computer games around 30 hours a week. I did the math and realized I could use my time better than that. So I started learning internet marketing.

Eventually I settled on the internet network marketing niche. That’s what the focus of my first blog is. That blog focuses on helping people have a better idea of what’s involved with network marketing on the internet.

It also acknowledges the fact that online, network marketing is the same thing as affiliate marketing just with better compensation models..

Personally, I think it’s better to get paid for work you have done over and over rather than only getting paid one time for the work you do. Do you agree?

…Enter The Empower Network

Larry Rivera


In 2011 I was just about to give up on the whole internet network marketing thing.  I made money in it but the work was really a pain in the ass.

It was when I had one foot out of the industry that I seen a video by a guy that goes by the name of David Wood. He was actually marketing a deal called my lead system pro. I am the type of person that If something interest me I jump in.

Well David Wood interested me and I wanted to learn from him. Well the best way I know to get someones attention in online marketing is to join their deal. I joined his, which led me to a company he and another person David Sharpe created called The Empower Network. While this blog post isn’t about Empower Network You can learn more about this amazing company by => Clicking This Link <=

If you want to learn how to make money online Empower Network is the only online company you need to join. They will teach you A to Z everything you need to know to be a successful online entrepreneur.

That isn’t the end of the story for Larry Rivera, it’s only the beginning of it really….Larry Rivera

I teamed up with one of my online business partners and one of my best friends in Empower Network Jamie Pelaez. I was doing business with her online for a couple years prior to joining this deal. I thought it was great and I got her on board with me.

Note: One of the cool things about marketing online is that you meet a lot of amazing people.

What I learned in Empower Network is that I really could earn $5000 in a single day. It was the most amazing feeling to make that much money in one day. But over the next couple of years. I grew as a person and marketer…

For the first time in my life I finally was able to combine the two passions I have had in life. Martial arts and marketing…

Jamie was pleading with me to do something online with martial arts since 2009… I finally took her advice and we teamed up to create Enter Shaolin.

Enter Shaolin teaches people kung fu online. Sounds crazy right? But it’s amazing. We are able to help people who are humbly seeking truth.  Part of the reason why Larry Rivera dot come dropped in the rankings is because this past year I have been focused on getting our martial arts site up and running.

Now that we are in full swing with Enter Shaolin I have put some time aside to help other people make money online again.

While I am committed to Enter Shaolin after all it’s my own business. I am still grateful for all that I learned at Empower Network and I am willing to mentor a select few people.

If you found me because you need some guidance in online marketing Check out my home business blog. It’s filled with life changing transformation stuff 🙂

Talk to soon!

Larry Rivera

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Larry Rivera

Thanks for reading my blog. LarryRivera.com was started because someone told me once that If I am going to "try" and make money online I need buy my name domain. What you will find on this blog is things that interest me. If you like any of the articles I write, leave me a comment and lets connect :-) - When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Appears

5 thoughts on “Larry Rivera – My Journey To The Top And The Struggle For Supremacy”

  1. Hey Larry,

    I don’t know if I ever mentioned this to you before, but I always wanted to learn Shaolin Kung Fu. When I was a kid the the kung fu flicks that use to come on the weekends really inspired me and I wanted to be like the monks.

    Well push comes to shove, I ended up taking Tae Kwon Do my freshman year in high school which is where I learned a lot. But my heart was still towards Shaolin Kung Fu. This very tempting but right now my hands are tied.

    I remember when David Wood first launched Empowered Network. He was in a company called Numis Network and he came to one of our conferences to talk about the new company. This was back in October 2011. I tested the waters but I didn’t stay in.

    I started doing more affiliate marketing that following year since i was more successful with that. But although I was getting a lot of leads, I just wasn’t getting a lot of sales. So that’s when my education really started with marketing (both online and offline), although I started in network marketing back in 2008!

    But it looks like we got some things in common! Thanks for sharing your journey into the online marketing world! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. Hey Sherman, I recall you talking a little about martial arts. I remember when David was in Numis Network. I had a buddy in that to.

    Empower Network was a train wreck for the first 8 months. I gravitated towards the vision and stuck it out. From a monetary stand point it was a good decision on my part.

    If you get the chance grab our free Ebook and 5 day video course on what we do in our kung fu. We also have an affiliate program..

    You can get the free course here http://entershaolin.com/ebook

    At the very least it’s an interesting look at internal martial arts.
    Thanks for stopping by brother!

  3. Knowing you Larry, when you put your mind to something you succeed. That’s what I admire about you the most.

    Although I’ve known about most of your story I still enjoy hearing it again. You are the proof that we can start in one place but end up in another. There is success at the end of this tunnel if we want it bad enough.

    I did a search on your name and found some Hawaiian singer so I guess you’ve got some stiff competition. You’ll do it though, I’ve beat out an actress with my same name so watch out.

    I wish you the best.


    1. Thanks Adrienne! Ya I need to start playing my dads ukulele 🙂 so that I can compete lols…

      The funny part is my family is from Hawaii too! I am the 3rd my father jr and my grandfather senior.. No relation to the other Larry though..

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