June 2014 Update

To say I haven’t been here much is an understatement. I’ve been very busy developing my new business. It’s a different kind of online business than I am use to doing. For starters I decided that I earned my stripes in the online home business niche.

I learned a lot over the years about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, network marketing. I’ve made money, I have had amazing successes and gut wrenching failures.  I suppose the moral of the story is simply this…

If you have a dream don’t let anyone tell you it’s not possible. My dream was to combine online marketing with my martial arts training. it took me approximately 10 years of studying online marketing to be in a place in my life and my skill set to be able to effectively combine the two skills.

Finally after a lot of soul searching and persistence. I am able to 100% focus my time, effort and energy into the things I truly love. HELL YA  I am excited about that. More than likely I will be very busy the next few months so I am guessing that I won’t be here all that much.

I will from time to time drop by and share my thoughts with you.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. I know it was a really short blog post. I promise to have more thought provoking post in the future…….

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