Getting More Money Is Easy When You Apply This Simple Formula

Making Money With Larry Rivera

How To Make More Money Almost Effortlessly

I find it fascinating that every time I talk to someone who focuses on how poor they are , the less they have. Interestingly for many years I was that person. I was the person who looked at money negatively. It took me some time to realize that I was hurting myself with my own stinking thinking.

What happened to me is I got tired of struggling. unfortunately I had to hit rock bottom before I decided to fix what was broken. That is to say I fixed me. One of my passions in life is martial arts.

I started applying martial arts principles: I took the principle “simply to simplify” and “use what is useful and disregard the rest” and started applying those into my online business. That led me to start looking at how I was thinking about money in general.

…As I studied myself I started seeing a pattern.

My mind started to get re-programmed. What happened as a result though was I started things that attracted money into my life. Looking back I can now say with absolute certainty that it was me hurting me.

Once I changed how I saw things and started re-programming myself things started working in my favor.

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Making Money Blogs – Are You Following The Pack?

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Making Money Blogs – What separates you from everyone else?

I believe that in order for people to notice what you are doing you can’t just be another one of those making money blogs. I think the internet is littered with millions of them already.  I have been working one of those  making money blogs for sometime now and  I won’t lie it’s very hard to compete against other online marketers especially if your technical skills are lacking.  I have learned a thing or two that may quicken your ability to find your groove.

Making Money Blogs – Get A Jumpstart Ahead Of Everyone Else

If you are just starting out online I want to give you some of the best advice you can get online. Don’t start your journey in the make money at home from your home computer niche. Yep I said that! The biggest mistake that people make is believing that they can make money starting in this particular industry. Instead I highly recommend getting involved in a niche that you have a lot of knowledge in.

A while back I decided to not worry about what my sites looked like or how good my grammar skills where.  When I started making videos I decided that I wouldn’t stand in front of a fancy care with some fancy digs on. The reason is because I have always believed that the content can stand on its own two feet. I always wanted to attract people to me that care more about content and less about aesthetics. I didn’t than as I don’t now have the time to worry about that sorta of stuff.

With the knowledge I have now about marketing online, I wish I did know how to build a book shelf or rebuild a motor. Heck I wish I knew how to sew. Why you might ask? It is because these are the types of things that can get you paid online.

Making Money Blogs – Why Blog?

There are only 3 reasons that I can think of, but they are 3 very good reasons and if you are on the fence about starting one of those making money blogs this should help convince you that you should.

  • Blogs are easy to use. Seriously compared to building other types of sites blogs are pretty basic. Also you can start learning how to use html. While to be a good blogger you don’t need to know much html you should know a little.
  • Seo benefits, compared to static websites blogs are easier when it comes to getting search engine rankings. Search engines love sites that are updated regularly.
  • You can create a social community. Blogs are great for finding people that are interested in what you are interested in.

To wrap this post up, just keep in mind that blogging should be fun.   Like Me ? Hate Me? Breathing? Leave a comment I would love to know about it!