Getting More Money Is Easy When You Apply This Simple Formula

Making Money With Larry Rivera

How To Make More Money Almost Effortlessly

I find it fascinating that every time I talk to someone who focuses on how poor they are , the less they have. Interestingly for many years I was that person. I was the person who looked at money negatively. It took me some time to realize that I was hurting myself with my own stinking thinking.

What happened to me is I got tired of struggling. unfortunately I had to hit rock bottom before I decided to fix what was broken. That is to say I fixed me. One of my passions in life is martial arts.

I started applying martial arts principles: I took the principle “simply to simplify” and “use what is useful and disregard the rest” and started applying those into my online business. That led me to start looking at how I was thinking about money in general.

…As I studied myself I started seeing a pattern.

My mind started to get re-programmed. What happened as a result though was I started things that attracted money into my life. Looking back I can now say with absolute certainty that it was me hurting me.

Once I changed how I saw things and started re-programming myself things started working in my favor.

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