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Facebook or Youtube?

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You are always hearing about how video marketing can really be beneficial to your online business. Part of good video marketing is knowing where to syndicate your videos. Being the type of guy who likes to experiment with different aspects of online marketing I uploaded a video to facebook.

What surprised me was how good the quality was using facebook. Personally I think facebook does a better job at playing back videos but that is just my opinion.

More on Using Facebook For Uploading Videos

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How to Embed Facebook Videos, Photos, Album, Note in WordPress

Sometimes we find interesting videos or album or note on Facebook wall, and want to share that on our own blog as well. In that case, we need to embed the Facebook object as Videos, Albums, Photos etc. by writing embed code.

Publish Date: 12/04/2010 2:38


Embed Facebook Videos into any Website

Embeding YouTube videos is a lot easier than Facebook videos. However, we are going to explain how easy it really is to embed Facebook videos into any website.

Publish Date: 11/19/2010 7:31


Facebook Videos Not Working, How To Fix

Videos on Facebook are highly popular. That popular, that Facebook just took the second place in the world’s largest Internet video hosters listing, just behind.

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