December | Vacation Florida | Disney World Christmas (Part 1)

Vacationing In Florida Disney World Style

While I didn’t stay at a Disney resort this time. We stayed at a Hilton with time share that we own.  anyhow we had a lot of fun I got lots of pictures and took video’s with my new Iphone 5. I did upload 1 video to Facebook but it took so long I decided to upload the rest of the videos on YouTube.

I thunk I will spread these videos and post across several post since I am still trying to sort thru stuff. I just wanted to get some stuff up to share with you 🙂

Here is the video I uploaded to Facebook. It’s only a little over 2 minutes long but it took like 45 minutes to upload to FB.

…Anyhow it was taken in Disney’s Hollywood studios on their main street. It’s a really cool Christmas light display. I got a little of the back story on the lights. Apparently from what I am told Disney bought the lights from one guy who use to set up the display in his hometown.

A shot of the Disney castle all lit up.


I have to say every time I visited Disney World it has been in the summer. This is the first time I have visited and it was in the winter. I don’t think I will ever be able to go down to Disney again in the summer.

The lines where shorter, the weather was nice. It got up to about 83 degrees. Considering it’s in the 30’s right now where I live it was a nice little break.

Here is another Disney video this time I uploaded to Youtube 🙂

Finally the Disney Finale – Gotta love fireworks!

Talk to you next year… That is if the world doesn’t end first! 🙂

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