Who Else Is Sick And Tired Of SEO?

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I just wanted to rant a little bit. We are told all the rules to blogging. How it should be done. The proper way to do this or that. Seriously it is enough to drive this jersey boy crazy!

My blog experience is growing, I write in several different blogs and on each blog I take a different approach.

I have one blog that does indeed get a lot of traffic, however it isn’t very fun to come up with new content and make sure it is seo compliant all the time.

Place like Google and Yahoo are basically the kings of the web. They seem to dictate what they consider important.

Surprisingly enough  I decided to just write what the hell I want to write on my LarryRivera.com blog.  I mean if I spend all my time writing for keywords or locking myself into a particular niche I feel that I am really stunting my creativity and freedom of expression.

So I decided I would take the back door approach to doing what I want. I figure I would simply get my other blogs ranked high. Then point all of them right here to me.

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So while I may never have anything of relevance to say on this blog I will still get this blog ranked and will still get traffic to it. All the hard work that goes into blogging, you should be able to just talk about whatever you want and get what is on your mind out.

So while I will continue to market online, I will use this blog purely for my own entertainment purposes, and to hell with anyone that has a problem with that including search engines…..

Another Subject all together sorta..

I am using the Thesis theme for this blog, while I haven’t did much modification to it at all it has some pretty cool features right out of the box. One of them is the multimedia options. From this point forward I will be putting videos on each post that probably have nothing to do with anything other than they entertain me in some way.

I don’t care if it makes me look like a nerd or not. It is what I enjoy.

Goodness this is so unprofessional its not funny. Then again I didn’t get involved with online marketing or blogging because I wanted to be a tight ass professional…….

One last thing,

I would like to take a moment to remember those that lost their life on this day.

There I feel much better now!!!

Do you just write for search engines? What has been your experience with connecting with your readers?

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Larry Rivera

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8 thoughts on “Who Else Is Sick And Tired Of SEO?”

    1. Hi Charles, Thanks for stopping by. I think you said something very important. And that is to give your readers something interesting to read.

      Thanks for the comment.

    1. Thanks Linda,
      I spent so much time learning all these different marketing skills, that I forgot how to have fun with it all.

  1. Hi Larry,

    I get your point. While a blog is an ideal platform to retain one’s personality and say whatever one wants, I would suggest some discernment as to where and when to start saying anything we want.

    Where: We may say whatever we want on a personal blog, but it would not be right on a topical niche blog.

    When: For someone who’s just starting and have no idea what SEO is, I would say: familiarise yourself with SEO and other traffic generation techniques (e.g. blog commenting, and the social media) or you may be talking in an empty room (no traffic) for a long time.

    Once you have a faithful readership, you may start to write whatever you like because this traffic is not dependent on SEO – your faithful readers will visit your site anyway.

    1. Hi Ben, .
      I agree you need to know what purpose you want your blog to serve. It is like anything else, you need to go through the process of learning before you can really have fun with it.

      Awesome advice thanks for sharing it.

  2. I am. It’s a lot of work and not very fun. I’m thinking of just starting a website and doing almost zero SEO to see what happens. I mean creating a website that just speaks, instead of tries to sell.

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by. Make sure you get involved with some blog tribes and use social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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