Who Wrote The First Psychedelic Song Anyways?

A interesting question came up today while I was conversing with a friend about psychedelic music. So I decided to hunt down the fathers so to speak of Psychedelic Music.

Psychedelic music started in the 1960’s with all that free love nonsense.  I never was to big into the hippy movement, but I sure did love a lot of the music that came out during that time period.

What set this type of music apart from other types of music was it’s eastern influence and use of rare instruments and all types of experimental sounds.

So I really couldn’t find the answer to what was the first song, but I did find out who was the first band that got labeled Psychedelic Rock

The 13th Floor Elevators

I didn’t stop their I figured while I am at it I would search out some of the more known music.  When you say the words Psychedelic music many people instantly think Beatles, probably because of tracks like Lucy In the Sky Of Diamonds.

Jimi Hendrix came on the scene like a flash of lighing, he was only on the scene for a short time , but in that time he made an explosion in music that is still felt today.

Are You Experienced

Totally overplayed but they certainly left their mark on the Psychedelic era Jefferson Airplane was pretty blunt with their message in the classic White Rabbit

This list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention this next band, The grateful dead had a huge following and I remember even in the late 80’s and early early 90’s people in my school where all about them. So ya you can say they made a huge impact on people

Seriously though all these bands are all well and good, and I am sure I could of listed dozens more, but none of those could even touch this next band. They took Psychedelic to a whole new realm of sound all together

Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond

So where are we at today? Has the Psychedelic music vanished? So you gotta love youtube I started searching to see what is out there today who got their influence from bands like this. Here is a band that never made it main stream but dam they write good tracks..

Well that wraps up this psychedelic adventure, until next time… Oh and if anyone knows who actually wrote the first psychedelic song I would love for you to leave a comment and tell me. I just can’t seem to find the answer

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4 thoughts on “Who Wrote The First Psychedelic Song Anyways?”

  1. Hi

    I always liked IN A GODA DAVIDA Iron Butterfly

    Hi I am the Canadian guitarist Rick Washbrook And Dana Stone from Dirty Ice Cream
    We did not find the article you used on your site. It is mentioned on your google add before we click your site.
    Please let us know where it is
    Thanks for useing it and taking and interest in us.
    Where is it , we cant find it

    All respect to you
    Rick Washbrook
    Canadian Guitarist

    1. I love In A Goda Davida its a classic all 10 hours of it lols….

      The meta description of this post is

      “Jun 23, 2010 … A interesting question came up today while I was conversing with a friend about psychedelic music. So I decided to hunt down the fathers so …”

      I will look into this though because I am curious myself

      I am not sure how it appeared

  2. Larry

    This is how it appears on the Iinternet

    Who Wrote The First Psychedelic Song Anyways?
    23 Jun 2010 … Oakville Guitarist Washbrook & Dana Stone “Dirty Ice Cream Music” label Dana Stone and Rick Washbrook meet in 1972 thats about 37 years ago …

    Plesase look into it.
    Rick Washbrook

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