A Heavy Price Was Paid So That You Could Thrive

As Long As Your Heart Beats Carry On!

Today is Veterans day in the United States, ย it is a day for us to remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. At times we take for granted our liberties. We take for granted being able to leave our house and go to work or play with our kids.

We say that life is hard…



I am proud to call myself an american. Not the TV version of an American or the political version of what an American is. Rather I am proud to born and raised in a country who’s ideas stand for freedom, prosperity & the right to choose how to live my life.

FREEDOM is something that we take for granted. Maybe the world isn’t perfect, but our history is full of great people who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live in peace. I dream of one day getting past our petty differences, so that those who gave up their lives didn’t give them up in vain.

Today as you see all the facebook media, news coverage stop for a moment. Find someplace quite and remember. Remember those who sacrificed their lives so that yours can live free. Remember the families that lost their son’s, daughters, fathers so that you can sleep at night knowing that you are free.

Not living in slavery and bondage…

..Not being controlled by a tyrannical government

Above all else, NEVER FORGET!!!



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My Trip To Miami Florida Chilling At The Eden Roc

My First Private Mastermind With Empower Network

Eden RocI have been in Empower Network since November 2011, June 7th I left my humble home in New Jersey to go meet David Wood And David Sharpe. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.

I stayed at the Eden Roc in Miami Florida all I can say about this place is that it’s amazing.

The scenery the food everything was just amazing.


Here is a video clip I took of the room I stayed in. Great room don’t you think?

Here is a video clip of Miami Beach

If your ever at Miami Beach Florida you have to check out the Eden Roc, you won’t be disappointed. With that said I wasn’t there for pleasure I was actually there getting some advanced marketing training. The kinda of training that produces 6 figure incomes.

Here is a quick clip with Aki Woods (Empower Network Member)

I find it sad really that there are thousands of people online pitching garbage to other people. My advice is if you want to make $5000 or $10,000 a month don’t listen to people who aren’t making that much money. Because if you do you will not be getting the information you need.

I met this guy Samual at the very first Empower Network , we been friends ever since


Let me tell you what happens when you plug into life changing information. The kind of information that has helped me have $1000 paydays. I know it sounds kind of unbelievable and I admit I was very skeptical when I got started. After studying the information and plugging into what was being taught my income just took off…

There is no need for you to try and figure out how to do it, because the plan has already been laid out.ย  A person once told me

“Larry if you keep doing what you are doing your going to keep getting what your getting”

That is where I was stuck at for a long time. I simply made a few changes in how I was marketing and what I was marketing and my entire life changed. I know at some point in life every last one of us had the desire to do something great with our lives.

Some people experience a dream…

…Other people experience an emotion

Yet others experience a sense of knowing…

And you probably experienced this in your own unique way. The one thing for sure is there is that moment when they knew it was the right time to buy. Some people know its the right time because it feels like the right time to buy. Some people know its the right decision by what they see happening before their eyes.

Still others get a certain feeling inside that is compelling them to buy. Yet others hear a voice inside their head telling them when it’s the right to buy and when it’s not to buy. The best part is you can decide to buy or not buy in your own unique way – I trust your unconscious mind to make the right decision.

I know that your probably wondering ‘just how easy is it to get started, after I join now’ and I thought the same thing, back in 2011

What you need to do to get started making the money you want, is click the button below…

[wp_graphic id=”button131″ type=”buttons” align=”center” width=”300px” url=”http://www.empowernetwork.com/theylovetobuy.php?id=LarryRivera”][/wp_graphic]



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Really It’s Old Yeller’s Fault | Crazy Dog Wedding

So Why Am I Blaming Old Yeller

I remember watching that movie in the 3rd grade. I think I was the only boy in my class who’s eyes were welling up when poor Old Yeller bit the dust. I think though that movie effected me for the rest of my life because I have always had a soft spot for animals.

Maybe that’s why I have 3 dogs and 8 cats.. Sure that might sound extreme to you but all my animals have been rescued because nobody else wanted them. Which brings me to this blog post. Just recently I attended a dog wedding.

Did you just say a dog wedding Larry?

I did ๐Ÿ™‚ but the story behind the wedding is what is really important. The story itselfย  is very well documented. So I don’t need to add a lot of details. But I did commit to my wife that I would share the story on all of my blogs. The reason I am doing it is because I am showing my support for a cause that is worthy of support.

You can read more about the event here:

(This Is Serious) They Are Still Using Gas Chambers

As for my part I never considered myself an animal activist. But I am an animal lover. I love my dogs,cats and any other critter that happens my way. I feel it’s our duty as humans to care for these animals, especially ones we call pets.

Here is video footage I took of the event

Our newest edition to our family was actually suppose to be a foster dog. But when my wife brought her home she jumped on my lap and that was it. Hook , line and sinker… We got her from the same shelter that was gassing animals to death..

Here is a picture of Miss New Jersey with our Rosie


Here is the link to the article I wrote about this story again ๐Ÿ™‚

(This Is Serious) They Are Still Using Gas Chambers



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Shoot! I Missed July 4th 2012

I can’t believe I missed July 4th 2012 – How Could I be So absent minded

Okay, I admit it I didn’t miss it but I did want to do a blog post here and didn’t get time to do that. But I will share with you some of the highlights of my 4th of July ๐Ÿ™‚

Besides seeing fireworks I spent the day chilling with the family,

July 4th 2012

shamong new jersey

Valenzano whinery

Empower Network | Team Leader

All in all we had a great day. I know kinda lame post, but hey it’s the summer time ๐Ÿ™‚

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