Teaching My Online Marketing Strategy To Those Who Have Ears To Listen

Using An Online Marketing Strategy That Works


I am not sure how you happened along to my personal blog. Maybe it was from a random search in google or you been following all of my marketing.

Either way I want to share with you why I am so excited about being a part of the Empower Network. First though I want to tell you a little bit more about me.

Around 2006 I joined a network marketing business that I started making a nice size monthly residual income.

I don’t want to say how much because it was many years ago and unfortunately I was foolish and never backed up my work back than. Super long story short, the company shut it’s doors and with that I lost my nice monthly residual income.

I know it sucks! But that kinda thing happens all the time in the online marketing world. The most important thing you can do to bullet proof yourself from your business is to use a good online marketing strategy.

So long story short my old computer blew up and with it all my data. That just goes to show you that it’s important that if your using your computer regularly you need to back your stuff up. For those who understand the importance of that and have not yet found a good solution I recommend the one I am using. You can check it out here.

Luckily for me you can teach old dogs new tricks and I now have a safe secure computer. However that’s not what this blog post is about. This blog post is about how I am doing in Empower Network


Now You Can Use The Same Exact Low Costing online marketing Strategy I USE

So here’s the deal, this is the amount of leads I have gotten since I joined Empower Network.

Online Marketing Strategy

That’s only 830 leads, also remember that I spend practically nothing getting leads. I just happen to use a good online marketing strategy. But I think that is pretty good because the majority of my leads come from FREE traffic sources.

So far so good, so now I need to show you how much money I have made in Empower Network

Online Marketing Strategy

Let’s break this down to how much each lead I got is worth to me. It works out to be that each lead I get for empower network is worth about $13.61 .

Can you see the awesomeness of that? What’s truly exciting about this is that anybody can produce these kinds of results, you just have to apply the principles that are taught inside the empower network.

I will go one step further than that if you join me personally in empower network I will teach you how I am getting boatloads of free traffic and converting them to sales. Nothing will be held back!

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2 thoughts on “Teaching My Online Marketing Strategy To Those Who Have Ears To Listen”

  1. Now this is a great post! I’ve been trying to figure out the metrics of empower network’s sales funnel process. A few questions though… Was this using the squeeze pages and email follow up series provided by empower or were these leads generated through your own custom made squeeze page, sales page, email series? So you’ve got the value of how much each empower lead is worth but I think it would also be great if you can show us the value of each subscriber. My guess would be anywhere from $100 to $150 right but then I guess it probably wouldn’t really make sense either right, since you have to do some pass ups?

    So looking at your stats your conversion from opt ins to > becoming a paying member is about 15%? So 15% of those that opt in converts into sales. What about squeeze page? 40 or 50% then ??

  2. HI “Just A Dude 🙂 ”

    All my traffic goes directly through empower networks lead capture pages, except for the ones that opt in via side bar widgets.

    I created my own follow up series, I was using the one from empower network but my conversions where lower.

    My new series is more personal and tailored to my story, it also converts better for me….

    Note: I do a lot of broadcasting……

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