Fighting The Forces Of Evil And Living The Life You Deserve

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I think somewhere along the way on this journey we call life we forget what our true passions are. I think when were children we knew, but as we grew up to adult hood the reality of life just zapped the passion out of us. How many times have you said to yourself I would really like to do that if only I had the time?

There are always things that seem to hold us back, or at the very least it appears that way.

You know for the longest time I didn’t exactly know what I was going to blog about on my name. Finally I decided that instead of playing the seo game like I do on my other blogs I would just talk from the heart and share with you whats on my mind.

Currently I am thinking about all those people who struggle everyday, never truly living the life they imagined as children. I tell my kids all the time that they can be whatever their imagination can think of.

If you had the chance to do anything you wanted to do in the world what would it be?

Luckily for me I am doing exactly what I want to. I am stay at home dad making money from my home computer. What’s cooler than that? Sure I have my good days and bad days but doesn’t everyone? I want everyone that reads this blog to realize that I do actually earn and income from online marketing.  Because I struggled so much with it over the years, I turned my attention to helping others navigate through the online wilderness.

Because of blogging you are able to really get paid doing what your passion about.


I should say blogging about what you are passionate about. It doesn’t even matter what “that” is. What matters is that you truly love talking about it. Making money from blogging is actually very easy. The problem is people don’t realize that they need to blog about their passions and not about how to make money. There are thousands of people already blogging about that and many of them are really good at it.

Listen you may be struggling right now, you may feel like you are backed into a corner with nowhere to turn. If your sick and tired of just being sick and tired fight the forces of evil with me. I know lots and lots of blogging tips and I have a really good business I am part of. In fact it’s so cool that you earn 100% commissions. I know sounds crazy right? All that you have to do is blog about what you are passionate about and let the blog do the rest.

Don’t worry, if your not a technical person, if you are teachable you can learn how to blog using our empower network blog system. Seriously a 3rd grader can do it, I know because I put it to the test and let my 9 year old daughter do a blog post.

She’s 9 if she can blog, I know you can 🙂

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