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Recently I have been talking about weight loss. The reason is because I am still shaking my head on how I gained back all the weight I lost when I first turned 30. Right now I am currently 200 lbs. When I started my Journey in September I was 226 lbs. So far so good right? I think it’s good but this up coming weekend I have an event to go to and there is a formal dinner Saturday night. I haven’t needed a suit since I gained back all the weight I lost. I was hovering around 180 to 185 for about 6 years. I threw away all my fat boy clothes. I am going to the formal in a dress shirt, suit jacket and dress shoes.. I am wearing jeans because I refuse to buy a pair of slacks for 1 dinner.

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I’ve been thinking about where I went wrong. For me, I believe I wasn’t paying attention to just how much I was eating.  I decided on starting the Weight Watchers diet because I wanted to be held accountable for just how much food I was consuming.

Interestingly what I am learning about myself is that making little tweaks here and there make all the difference. Here are some simple tips that may help you along in your weight loss journey.

1. Don’t eat after 7 pm – Give your body time to digest the food it has already consumed. Make your body work while you are at rest. I happen to be one of those late night snackers, 1 cracker turns into 30 crackers. I also tended to binge eat at night just tearing through the cabinets looking for anything to munch on.

My remedy isn’t an exciting one, this is where weight watchers comes in handy. I always try and have an extra 5 points and only eat Pistachio’s or Veggie Chips.

2. Exercise a little bit everyday – It doesn’t have to be crazy, 10 pushups here and there. A walk around the block. You could do a set of situps. The point isn’t what you do the point is that you do something. Sex even burns off some calories and gets the blood pumping.

3. Be Vain – Not a lot vain just enough that when you look in the mirror you take notice of yourself. I noticed that the people who end up doing the best on workout routines and diets are people who don’t like who they see in the mirror. You need to a little bit of vanity to get you to put that little extra effort in.

4. Get involved in a healthy hobby – Get involved with martial arts, yoga, hiking, biking, jogging, canoeing, walking something that causes you to get active.

5. Make good eating choices – When I go out with a friend to restaurant she always takes half her meal home. The reality is most eating establishments over feed you. That want you to be fully satisfied so you will come back for more. Keep this in mind and take half home.

Loosing weight doesn’t have to be a struggle we make it a struggle. Change your out look and set little goals that are easily achievable. Over time you will see the results you want.

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