Another Week Down – Weight Watchers Done The Lazy Way

Larry Rivera 2009Well my friends another week down. I feel differently this time around. When I was 30 I didn’t bother paying much attention to the way I ate. I simply worked my ass off.  I found a picture of me back in 2009.

Back then I was a man on a mission. I pretty much have been on the heavy side most of my life.

I finally came to a place in my life where I felt I needed change.  I would like to mention that although I say heavy. I have always been strong and fast.

I have always been active, I played sports outside, I lifted weights when I was a teenager and young adult. And then there is martial arts.

Even though I was heavy set, I still trained and had a high level of martial skill.

I figured at 30 I may as well look the part. What happened to me was that part of my regular training was jogging on the treadmill. I enjoy doing that. It’s a chance for me to reflect on my life and the directions I want to go. My old treadmill finally broke that threw me for a loop. I got so use to having that piece of equipment that I sort of went into a slump. On top of that I was having the best internet marketing year of my life.

The combination was I went from 184 lbs you see me in the picture above all the way back up to 226 lbs. Terrible I know! I am about to be 39 and staring down 40 I don’t want to go into my 40’s over weight. Rather than working out like crazy I am actually paying attention to how I eat.

This time around I am incorporating all the things I found to be helpful throughout the years and weight watchers ranks up there and I’ll tell you why.  Weight Watchers really doesn’t tell you how to eat. What they do is they tell you what it’s going to cost you to eat via the point system.

I like figuring out how much food is going to cost me because I can monitor the amount and type of foods I choose to eat. Currently I am dropping weight every week and it feels good. Here is a picture of my current weight loss track.

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