It Was Time For A Facelift

Well I finally twisted my friend and partner Jamie Pelaez’s arm to make me a new logo & header for this blog.  I am so glad I did because I stink at making graphics. I mean I can make them, they just look  like poo. It is amazing what a little eye candy can do for your web presence.

Now that I am using this shiny new theme, logo & header its time I start writing in this blog more regularly. Which I keep telling myself I will but I keep running into the same problem over and over. I see other people putting blogs on their and usually their blogs are about their business.  I don’t particularly want to talk shop on this blog.  While I got this domain name because I do market online and I wanted to get (which btw I think anyone who is remotely serious about marketing online should do.)

I am not sure what I should really be writing about. I was never one for keeping a journal or diary. So I suppose I will continue  along writing what ever strikes my fancy.

So here is a before pic of this site..

As you can see my new layout is much better.

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Christmas Wish – To All A Good Nite!

christmas wish

Christmas Wish – It’s That Time Of Year Again

Every year something special happens.  grumpy people seem to be a bit more cheerful.  Kids everywhere are excited for that magical day when they can wake up and see presents under the tree.

People are getting ready to see family members they haven’t seen for an entire year. This really is time to celebrate life.

Christmas Wish – What about those that are less fortunate?

christmas wish
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While most of us are tapping our credit cards and getting presents for everyone. There are people out there who really could use a helping hand.  Christmas is a time of giving not receiving. While many people have forgotten the true meaning of the season, I wanted to put up a post for those who are less fortunate and who could really use our help.

It is my Christmas wish that these videos stir something inside of you to take action!

Christmas Wish – Around The World

The Best Days Of Your Life: Christmas Wish List

christmas wish
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Christmas Wish List. I’ve seen them all over. Christmas wish lists. I wanted to make my own extravagant list, so here it is. 1. Sony Reader – $149.99 for Touch Edition on 2. A good portrait lens for my Nikon D3000 …

Publish Date: 12/20/2010 6:45


What’s Your Christmas Wish?

My Christmas wish is that if only for a moment, everyone could step outside themselves and take a good hard look at the daily struggles our friends, neighbors, and enemies, both near and far must face on a daily basis. …

Publish Date: 12/19/2010 19:14

Couture Millinery Atelier.: My Christmas Wish List. 🙂

Every little wish, every little miracle is possible. This Christmas I am dreaming of many things: I am dreaming of seeing my Mom this year, recovering from being unwell for a long time now, working on my new Collection of going to Paris …

Publish Date: 12/17/2010 8:11

Being Frugal and Making It Work: My Christmas Wish… 800 Followers!

My Christmas Wish… 800 Followers! When I started my blog back in February, I had no idea what to expect. I actually created it and then forgot about it. From February through August, I posted just 20 total articles. …

Publish Date: 12/16/2010 12:01

Dadly Christmas Wish List — Father Apprentice

Dads, we all have big roles to play in life. And one of the biggest is the Christmas morning wrapping paper cleanup job. Just wanted to remind you about that. I also wanted to ask you about what you’re hoping.

Publish Date: 12/13/2010 13:00

Christmas Wish Wrap Up

I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday.  It has been my pleasure to share with you this past year. I look forward to a brand new year I hope to see you in it.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

Larry Rivera

Don’t Do It Because You Have Too!

I have been self employed for almost a decade now. While I can honestly say I am living the life that I have always wanted to live I often hear people talk about how much their life sucks. Ironically many of these people went to school to do what they are doing in life.  They don’t like fighting rush hour traffic, they don’t like their boss, they look forward to having their wknds off.

If I had to live like that I would probably be miserable myself.  The reason I think people are in the mess they are in sometimes is because they are doing what they feel they have to do.  It is that kind of thinking that limits your possibilities.

It is these same people that forgot how to dream. It is dreamers that are the happiest. Without dreams you have no hope. It is our dreams that we hold onto our dreams or our hopes.

If you feel like you aren’t exactly living the life you wanted to live , start dreaming again.  Go back into your mind and remember what you wanted out of life when you where a child.

I refuse to grow up. I am going to be 120 years old and still refusing to grow up.  Being a grown up is bad. Being a grown up is boring.  Bring nap time back into your life. Go outside and get dirty again. Build something. Above all do something just because you want to, not because you have too.

Life is to short to waste on doing things just because you have to, you may wake up one day and wonder where your life went. Don’t be that person, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

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I never wanted to be a person that just does things because they have too. I am sure you don’t want to be that person either. Go out and enjoy living…..

Walt Disney Quote – Think,Believe,Dream,Dare

Walt Disney – Life Changing Quote?

Walt Disney Quote
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I first heard this story when I had my first job. I was a lot man at a car dealership I think I might have just turned 17.   A car salesman with slicked back hair came up to me and asked me what I am going to do with the rest of my life.

Party and get girls, probably what most 17 year old boys would say.

Well he shook his head and said read this..

A Walt Disney Story

Partners - Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse
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An eight-year-old boy approached an old man in front of a wishing well, looked up into his eyes, and asked:

“I understand you’re a very wise man. I’d like to know the secret of life.”

The old man looked down at the youngster and replied:

“I’ve thought a lot in my lifetime, and the secret can be summed up in four words

The first is think. Think about the values you wish to live your life by.

The second is believe. Believe in yourself based on the thinking you’ve done about the values you’re going to live your life by.

The third is dream. Dream about the things that can be, based on your belief in yourself and the values you’re going to live by.

The last is dare. Dare to make your dreams become reality, based on your belief in yourself and your values. ”

And with that, Walter E. Disney said to the little boy,

Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare.

That Walt Disney Quote

Looking back, I can honestly say because of taking the advice of that story I am doing exactly what it is I want to with my life.

Who Else Is Sick And Tired Of SEO?

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I just wanted to rant a little bit. We are told all the rules to blogging. How it should be done. The proper way to do this or that. Seriously it is enough to drive this jersey boy crazy!

My blog experience is growing, I write in several different blogs and on each blog I take a different approach.

I have one blog that does indeed get a lot of traffic, however it isn’t very fun to come up with new content and make sure it is seo compliant all the time.

Place like Google and Yahoo are basically the kings of the web. They seem to dictate what they consider important.

Surprisingly enough  I decided to just write what the hell I want to write on my blog.  I mean if I spend all my time writing for keywords or locking myself into a particular niche I feel that I am really stunting my creativity and freedom of expression.

So I decided I would take the back door approach to doing what I want. I figure I would simply get my other blogs ranked high. Then point all of them right here to me.

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So while I may never have anything of relevance to say on this blog I will still get this blog ranked and will still get traffic to it. All the hard work that goes into blogging, you should be able to just talk about whatever you want and get what is on your mind out.

So while I will continue to market online, I will use this blog purely for my own entertainment purposes, and to hell with anyone that has a problem with that including search engines…..

Another Subject all together sorta..

I am using the Thesis theme for this blog, while I haven’t did much modification to it at all it has some pretty cool features right out of the box. One of them is the multimedia options. From this point forward I will be putting videos on each post that probably have nothing to do with anything other than they entertain me in some way.

I don’t care if it makes me look like a nerd or not. It is what I enjoy.

Goodness this is so unprofessional its not funny. Then again I didn’t get involved with online marketing or blogging because I wanted to be a tight ass professional…….

One last thing,

I would like to take a moment to remember those that lost their life on this day.

There I feel much better now!!!

Do you just write for search engines? What has been your experience with connecting with your readers?