Please Excuse The Mess I Am Changing Things Up Again



I am always in a constant state of personal growth. I few months back I bought myself a new camera and have been taking lots of pictures. I want to share them with you, so I figured I would convert this blog to more of a photo blog.

You may notice as you look around some of the blog post will be resized wrong. Images will most likely be missing. The reason is because I am lazy. Yes, I admit it! It’s easier for me to just keep moving forward rather than going back and fixing stuff.

On a side note…

I am successful both in my online business and offline business. The reason I believe is because I never look backwards in life. I am always pushing forward. I find that trying to make things work perfect just slows down progress.

It’s okay to break things, in fact I encourage it. This picture was taken at a museum in Washington DC


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Harlem Globetrotters|Halftime Show|Wildwood

I Haven’t Been To Wildwood In Almost 20 years

I don’t know when really was the last time I was In Wildwood New Jersey, however if memory serves me correctly it’s been close to 20 years. Maybe more like 15 but it feels like over 20 years. I have to say, not much has changed. The boardwalk still was fun, the smells of french fries, funnel cake & Salt Water Taffy where strong.

I tend to shy away from places like Wildwood simply because I prefer chilling out in less tourist type places.

Harlem GlobeTrotters Half Time Show

My youngest daughter is 6 years old. She made the team at Bright Stars. She had the opportunity to be part of the half – time show at the Harlem Globetrotters show. How cool is that? I thought it was pretty cool. I never seen a Globetrotter show before, I have watched them on T.V. seen them on Scooby Doo etc. However I never seen them live. Let me tell you I am so glad I did, they are very entertaining.

The Harlem GlobeTrotters Halftime Show

So I did manage to get some footage of my daughters team performing. The video was a little fuzzy I wasn’t use to using my canon as a hand held video camera. So I was having a difficult time with the manual focusing..

I also took some pictures while in Wildwood that I will share with you…



wildwood boardwalk






Until Next Time…

Larry Rivera

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Spending The Day At Brigantine Beach With My Family

brigantine beach I had a great time with my family and friends at Brigantine beach. I have been living in New Jersey for a little over 20 years.

I confess I never visited this side of the Jersey Shore. I’ve always went to Ocean City or Wildwood. With that said I have to say that this beach is awesome.

I say that because I am not to fond of crowded beaches and Brigantine is certainly one of those beaches that is flying under the radar.

There is only are only 2 issues with this beach depending on who you are.

The first one is there are no restrooms. For guys I don’t think that is much of a problem but for the ladies that could be an issue. If you have to do a #2 you might be in a pinch if you know what I mean?

The second issue is there is no boardwalk. I know for many New Jerseyians and tourist alike they like going to the shore because we have bad ass boardwalks.

Unfortunately if you are looking for that festive environment you won’t that here. Rather what you will find is some peace and quite.



I took a quick video and some pictures whilst I was At Brigantine Beach





Sometimes it’s the small things in life that matter. I enjoyed myself and look forward to visiting Brigantine. I will be coming here again for sure. After getting done writing this post I realized that I don’t actually have a category on this blog that is dedicated to my actual “life” so consider this the first in a long life of life type post 🙂


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