Why Your Belief Is More Important Than Your Why

Do you really have belief in yourself ? If I had a dollar every time I heard someone say that you need to have a strong why in order to be successful in business and in life I would be Rockefeller rich. The reason I say this is because everyone on some level has a “why”.

A lot of people have a very good reason why they should be eating healthier . Lot’s of folks have really good reasons why they want to make more money in their life. Continue reading Why Your Belief Is More Important Than Your Why

Sometimes You Have To Go Through Pain To Continue To Grow

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Unfortunately to often you have to go through great pain to grow. ¬†Who wouldn’t like a easy pill to swallow? Today’s thought is just this: If you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes to go out and make it happen.

The only difference between winners and losers is the winner never gives up and the loser never actually tries… They may say they have done their best but rarely is that the truth. Continue reading Sometimes You Have To Go Through Pain To Continue To Grow

Please Excuse The Mess I Am Changing Things Up Again



I am always in a constant state of personal growth. I few months back I bought myself a new camera and have been taking lots of pictures. I want to share them with you, so I figured I would convert this blog to more of a photo blog.

You may notice as you look around some of the blog post will be resized wrong. Images will most likely be missing. The reason is because I am lazy. Yes, I admit it! It’s easier for me to just keep moving forward rather than going back and fixing stuff.

On a side note…

I am successful both in my online business and offline business. The reason I believe is because I never look backwards in life. I am always pushing forward. I find that trying to make things work perfect just slows down progress.

It’s okay to break things, in fact I encourage it. This picture was taken at a museum in Washington DC


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