Another Year Down… What’s your plan for 2015


Well here we are about to approach a new year 2015. Well the world didn’t end during the Y2K bug. Nor did the planet flip in 2012.

So I suppose all is well in the neighborhood. I think a lot of shit is pretty screwed up in this world. We have ISIS beheading people.

The trouble in the middle east only seems to be getting worse as each year passes. It seems animals are still dying at an alarming rate. Continue reading Another Year Down… What’s your plan for 2015

Starting At Ground Zero – It’s Time To Kick It Up A Notch

Here I am staring down 39 and I find myself the same weight I was when I was 29. Something happened to me when I was staring down 30. I decided it was time to get fit and healthy. What I mean is while I trained in martial arts all the time. I really didn’t monitor what I was eating nor did I do any organized exercise routines.

To put it mildly I was fat. Which to be honest didn’t really hinder my martial art performance because the science behind what we do is designed to work for anyone in any shape or any size. I really wanted to get healthier for my family.

So in 1 year I went from 225 down to 185 give or take a pound. I felt great, I looked great. I help fast that weight for 7 years. What happened next probably could have been avoided but I messed up. I fell out of my routine.

Before I knew it I was packing on the lbs. So here I am looking at 39 telling myself I need to get in the best shape of my life for 40.

So I started working out again. I am doing weight watchers. The reason why I decided on doing weight watchers is so that I could monitor how much I am eating and keep a record of the activity I do from day to do.

My target weight 179 I am currently at 218. So as you can see I have a long road ahead of me.  On the bright side of things. I did it once before I can do it again. I am also wiser and I plan on learning from the mistakes I made previous years.

So here goes nothing!!!!!!

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So Let’s Condense Some Of June And July Into This Post

I’ve been a busy bee lately, however I did want to share some of what I have been up to with you. So the question is where to start? I suppose I will start with what has been happening on the home business front first.

As some one you may or may not know, I have been a long time Internet Marketer. I’ve been marketing on the internet since 2002. Finally after all those long hard years. I have come to a place in my life where I am able to combine both the passions I have in life.

One of the reasons why I haven’t been posting here that much is because I have been working my tail off on my martial arts site -> Enter Shaolin.

We are growing every month.

…Anyways enough of work talk….

Here are some pictures from two recent trips I took with the family one is from Washington DC the other Assateague Island.

IMG_2184 IMG_2295 IMG_2333 IMG_3043 IMG_3047 IMG_3053 IMG_3084 IMG_3085 IMG_3097 IMG_3103 IMG_3117 IMG_3119 IMG_3169


Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Getting Healthy On The Virgin Diet


Taking My Health Seriously And Doing Something About It

Trust me when I say I know how hard it is to stay committed to eating healthy and exercising. Some people make it look so easy don’t they? I’ve tried different diets over the years. As far as hunger goes,  I feel satisfied throughout the day on this diet.

30 Days into the Virgin Diet has been great. I lost about 10 lbs so far. As of today I am 216lbs.. I will update this blog again in 60 days and let you all know how I am doing.


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