New Year Resolutions For 2016

I really hate talking about New Years resolutions so often people make them and they don’t ever finish what they started. I will admit though that I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to keeping resolutions.

With that said: my New Years resolutions are as follows.

  • Finally bring this blog to life and start focusing on bringing traffic here.
  • Make significant progress in my health journey.
  • Continue to develop my online business.
  • Be the best me possible

So well see how this goes……


Happy New Year and may you be blessed beyond measure this year 🙂

Another Year Down… What’s your plan for 2015


Well here we are about to approach a new year 2015. Well the world didn’t end during the Y2K bug. Nor did the planet flip in 2012.

So I suppose all is well in the neighborhood. I think a lot of shit is pretty screwed up in this world. We have ISIS beheading people.

The trouble in the middle east only seems to be getting worse as each year passes. It seems animals are still dying at an alarming rate. Continue reading Another Year Down… What’s your plan for 2015

Maybe I Am Biting Off More Than I can Chew, You Decide Bye Bye 2013

Goodbye 2013 – Hello 2o14 – Redemption Time

Boy oh Boy I just got done doing my weigh in video and I really have put on some weight from last year.  I started my New Years Resolution early this year.

Getting clarity sometimes can be difficult, especially if you done things a certain way for awhile. Those nagging pains, headaches, fogginess we go through becomes common in our lives. We almost feel like we are slaves to our age. The fact is most of us are suffering from bad habits, mis information. I am here to tell you that life doesn’t have to be a crutch.  You can live an absolutely amazing happy healthy life.


You need to make a powerful decision this moment to transform your life.

Leaving 2013 In The Dust

Well where not there yet, tomorrow. I am starting this new year off with 1/3 of a 90 day vlog challenge underway and I just started a 90 day health challenge. Boy oh boy I am wondering if I bit off more than I can chew.

I am not afraid though, I am ready for the new year. I am ready to take my life and businesses to places they have never been before. I am setting my intention now for what 2014 will look like for me.

I will be helping a minimum of 100 people achieve financial freedom. (maybe you are going to be one of them). I am going to get in the best shape I have ever been.  What intentions are you setting for 2014?

This Is Specifically For The People On My List

This part of the blog post is for you. I wanted to personally thank you for being on my list. I enjoy sharing with you my life. I look forward to continuing to serve you.  I want YOU to personally know that I want to help you achieve success online.

I am not pitching anything in the blog post, I hope this video inspires you to start taking positive action in your life.

Your Turn: I’d love to hear from you. What intentions are you setting for yourself in 2014?

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