Testing Out Cinderella Deep Linking

Alright so the irony of my life is that I am always striving to make things more efficient when it comes to blogging on my blogs.  I bought a new product called Cinderella links. I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I think it’s confusing because I keep making changes that I think would enhance my post. But what ends up happening is I keep messing them up. It seems like every time I do an update it erases portions of my post.

The idea is that the software is suppose to white – hat internal back linking. As you can see from the previous 3 post that it added non relevant videos and it took away portions of my blog post.

I sorta am a bit disappointed with this new software. But I won’t give up on it yet. I still will fiddle with it. Obviously I won’t use it for any of my more serious blogs until I figure out how to use it.

Thus far I am not very impressed.

I may change my toon in a couple of days after having time to really work with it.  Just a FYI, I bought the software because I believe that google is going to start de – indexing a lot of folks who have orphan blog post and pages.

So this is my attempt to try and stay in googles good graces…

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