Testing Out Cinderella Deep Linking

Alright so the irony of my life is that I am always striving to make things more efficient when it comes to blogging on my blogs.  I bought a new product called Cinderella links. I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I think it’s confusing because I keep making changes that I think would enhance my post. But what ends up happening is I keep messing them up. It seems like every time I do an update it erases portions of my post.

The idea is that the software is suppose to white – hat internal back linking. As you can see from the previous 3 post that it added non relevant videos and it took away portions of my blog post.

I sorta am a bit disappointed with this new software. But I won’t give up on it yet. I still will fiddle with it. Obviously I won’t use it for any of my more serious blogs until I figure out how to use it.

Thus far I am not very impressed.

I may change my toon in a couple of days after having time to really work with it.  Just a FYI, I bought the software because I believe that google is going to start de – indexing a lot of folks who have orphan blog post and pages.

So this is my attempt to try and stay in googles good graces…

Internet Buzz – What People Are Buzzing About 10/24/2011

Celebrity Jessica Simpson Pregnant?

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I am not sure if I remotely care about Jessica Simpson. I mean what has she actually done?  However there seems to be some buzz about her being pregnant.

Jessica Simpson: Latest Photo Set Off Internet Buzz About Possible

Jessica Simpson: Latest Photo Set Off Internet Buzz About Possible Pregnancy?! The Internet has been buzzing lately about whether Jessica Simpson is pregnant or not, and speculation reached a fever pitch after new photos surfaced Continue reading Internet Buzz – What People Are Buzzing About 10/24/2011

Internet Buzz: May 21st The End?

5 World Trade Center (left) and the Millenium ...
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Internet Buzz: May 21st 2011 The End Of The World


The other day a friend of mine asked me if I heard about this may 21st end of the world thing going on.  Honestly I never heard of it before.  I heard of the 2012 thing but never the may 21st end of the world thing.

I can only imagine how the people that believe that feel right now. I am sure it is very real to them.

Everybody knows that the real end of the world is Dec 21, 2012.   I mean seriously on Dec 21st the world is flipping on it’s axis and big rocks are going to fall from the sky.  They even made a movie about the end of the world. Can you imagine the faces of the people who are building bunkers and getting ready for the end of the world in 2012. They suddenly realize that may 21st is the end of the world.

Internet Buzz: What does the bible Actually Say?

“However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.  – Matthew 24:36

“For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones.”  – Mark 13:22

I believe that eventually Jesus will come again but who am I to say when. I also think that on May 22nd a lot of people are going to loose their faith. That is a bad thing because faith is good. There is nothing bad about it, I would rather have hope then nothing.

Internet Buzz: OR Is It Like The Day’s Of Noah?

The bible recalls a story of a guy named Noah, God said to Noah since there are no good people left I am going to destroy the world.  Noah was telling people that the sky is fallen, but nobody listened to him. Instead they mocked him and partied like it was 1999.  If you remember we barely escaped certain doom from the Y2k Bug.

Anyways, I don’t want to be that person mocking the living god while his wraith is pouring on this little planet and its inhabitants. I believe in my heart that Jesus will return one day. Until that day though I have to go to work and feed my family. My animals need to be fed etc..  When the time comes it comes. I don’t think dwelling on it can do anyone any good.

Some people are mentally ill and they are scared right now because they believe the end of the world is coming very soon. Even if it is, these people are frozen unable to function in society because of their fear.

Nobody can predict the future,

I like to think I am going to get to be a grandparent one day 🙂



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Internet Buzz: What People Are Saying

I can already tell that it is going to be difficult to write in this blog.  I have no idea what to write about lols.. But I do have some ideas,  I started a new category called “Internet Buzz” I figured I would spend some time every week and take a look at whats going  on the net and report back to you.

Google Blog Online – Google related Blog

The latest trend in the social-network market is Google Buzz. Still not many people are aware what Buzz is, and unknown about the features and advantages of Google Buzz!! So let’s have a close look at what Google Buzz is and how it can …

Publish Date: 06/29/2010 9:07

People are still talking about Google Buzz, I have messed around with it on one of my gmail accounts. Seems like the only people who are really using it are online marketers that are trying to market to other online marketers. I don’t think your normal everyday person is really messing around with it.

With all the social media sites that are around today, I think I will pass on this one….

Angelina Jolie Confirms That Shiloh is Transgendered – Celebrity

The shocking truth about this story that the GOVERNMENT does NOT want you to know!!!

Publish Date: 06/28/2010 17:00

I am not sure about Angelina and Brad, I have seen several articles online talking about this. I think  sometimes being a celebrity sucks. I mean I don’t think I would want my parents discussing my personal preferences to the world.  It would annoy me to constantly have people sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.

Lance Armstrong last Tour de France | Lance Armstrong quits

This Tour de France will be Lance Armstrong’s last, according to the cyclist. The seven-time champion made the announcement on Twitter on Monday.

Publish Date: 06/28/2010 17:50

I gotta hand it to Lance he is the man, seriously how many people can say they slept with Sheryl Crow ! Just kidding, I admire the guy not only is he an American hero he is s survivor that makes him a legend in the making.  I hope he finishes his career up with one last win, (GO LANCE!!)

Relationships Grow, Improve with Age | Psych Central News

Although aging is often accompanied by physical limitations, new research discovers aging is associated with what really matters — improved relationships.

Publish Date: 06/28/2010 8:37

At least something improves with age.  It’s to bad, I wish I knew then what I know now.  I am sure many of us would like to go back in time and do things a little different.  After reading the article I think I can agree with it. Relationships do get better with age. When we are younger we are quick to judge and act. Very quick tempered. It takes aging to slow us down and really let things soak in.

Well that’s it for now.