Hurricane Sandy Slamming My Home – New Jersey – Atlantic County Reporting In

If you haven’t yet seen today there is a massive Hurricane heading my way and her name is Sandy. She is one of the biggest storms I will be riding out. I happen to live in an area very close to the coast. In fact the towns closest to the shore have all been evacuated already and Sandy is still a good 200 miles away.

Some are saying that this storm reminds them of the *Perfect Storm The real storm happened in 1991 unnamed nor’easter .

So it’s not like storms like this haven’t happened before.

 Here is some recent news about Hurricane Sandy

As you can see here in New Jersey we are right in it’s path.

At the time of this writing Hurricane Sandy is still 200 miles off shore, here are some shots I found of the storm NOW!

Atlantic City , Hurricane is still 200 miles off shore


Hurricane Sandy Atlantic City
She is already doing some damage

We are going to have one hell of a mess to clean up this week!

hurricane sandy

I will have my Camcorder and Camera handy. I will do another post after Hurricane Sandy runs out of steam.

Willie Nelson | Missouri | August

So the month of August has me running around. This month I watched my brother get married. That was cool, but he dragged me out to Missouri. Beautiful country but man was it hot.  I had to were a tux in 107 yep I was one hot mess. But hey it’s not everyday your brother gets married right?

My brother dancing with my daughter. When I say they had a country wedding I am not kidding
Folks, can I just say that sitting in a tux in over 100 degrees is hot. I mean it’s frigging hot. I thought I was going to melt right there on the spot.

I also just Seen Willie Nelson

I remember listening to his songs when I was a kid. My dad loved his music. I seen him locally actually. He played in Washington Twp High School in New Jersey. I have to say he is 79 years (April 30, 1933). His music sounds just as good today as it did in the 70’s.

So that’s pretty much it for August, now it’s back to the grind 🙂


Willie Nelson Covers Coldplay, Assists Chipotle’s Quest To End


That’s the premise of the new music video commissioned by Chipotle, featuring Willie Nelson’s cover of Coldplay’s “The Scientist.” The refrain–“I’m going back to the start”–is meant to evoke Chipotle’s desire to take American

Willie Nelson & Family in Kearney, NE (September 17, 2012) | www

stillisstillmoving.com8/8/12 by: Rick Brown KEARNEY — Bluegrass, jazz, reggae, Western swing, country and pop — singer Willie Nelson has touched all those.

Heroes, The New Willie Nelson Album, Spends Five Weeks At #1 On Americana … – Broadcast Newsroom

Heroes, The New Willie Nelson Album, Spends Five Weeks At #1 On Americana …Broadcast NewsroomNEW YORK, Aug. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ –Heroes, the newly released Willie Nelson album on Legacy Recordings, is proving a hit with fans, press and radio, whe …


This Is The Show I went Too 🙂

Living Legend: Willie Nelson to take stage at TD Bank center, Washington … – Gloucester County Times –

Gloucester County Times – NJ.comLiving Legend: Willie Nelson to take stage at TD Bank center, Washington …Gloucester County Times – NJ.comSecurity took me back to the trailer Willie Nelson was using as a dressing room and left me there. I knocked o …

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Shoot! I Missed July 4th 2012

I can’t believe I missed July 4th 2012 – How Could I be So absent minded

Okay, I admit it I didn’t miss it but I did want to do a blog post here and didn’t get time to do that. But I will share with you some of the highlights of my 4th of July 🙂

Besides seeing fireworks I spent the day chilling with the family,

July 4th 2012

shamong new jersey

Valenzano whinery

Empower Network | Team Leader

All in all we had a great day. I know kinda lame post, but hey it’s the summer time 🙂

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Whatever Happened To We The People?

President Abraham Lincoln was descended from S...
Image via Wikipedia

So I told myself I wouldn’t blog on this blog until the new year. But I keep seeing something that disturbs me. That is I see my rights as an American Citizen being slowly taken away 1 by 1.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem like most Americans are concerned about this. They figure hey after what happened 9/11 we need to take more drastic measures. I don’t disagree with that, but when does taking more drastic measures interfere with our way of life?

So I wanted to sound a wake up call to all red blooded Americans who would rather fight for their freedom than die a slave to a country that lies… While smiling at you…

We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.
– Abraham Lincoln

So really I ask you my fellow Americans is this okay with you? Please speak up and tell me your opinion on the matter. I think all of our kids and future generations are at stake.

Why did we fight the revolutionary war? Why did we fight the Civil War? Why did my grandfather(s) fight in WW2? Why did my dad fight in Vietnam? I always believed a small part of it was to protect our freedom.  To live in a country free of tyranny a country were everyone has a chance to live a good life. A free life?

Is this not the case anymore, have we lost our way? Are we content allowing others to think for us and tell us what to believe?

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Earthquake Rocks New Jersey And The East Coast!

earthquake new jerseyWell that was rather crazy.. I have lived in New Jersey a good part of my life and never have I actually felt a earthquake.  The crazy part is I didn’t know what was happening my office just started swaying.

At first I thought my desk was falling apart.  I checked facebook to see if I was crazy or if other people felt the quake.  According to the news the earthquake originated in Virginia and I think it was of a 6.2 magnitude. What does all this mean?  Are we gonna start seeing more earthquakes on the Eastcoast?

In fact the Channel 6 news was saying they evacuated city hall in Philadelphia.  I don’t have much else to say on the matter. But it was a big enough event that I felt compelled to mention here on my blog.



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