Birds Dying Is The End Coming? Read Now!

Birds Dying – Have You Been Watching The News?

Dead bird
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With the power of the internet it is easier to keep track of what is going on around the world. In recent news a chilling event seems to be happening everywhere and I don’t mean the cold!  Birds dying and fallen out of the sky, fish showing up on the shores what does all this mean?

Does it have something to do with some top secret experiment? Aliens maybe? Or is it the hand of god getting ready to cast judgement on his people? (I can not prove or refute the evidence I can merely share with you my findings and let you come to your own conclusions.)—> I always wanted to say that line!

Seriously though just check out what is going on! Continue reading Birds Dying Is The End Coming? Read Now!

Happy 4th Of July! 2010

I can’t say I am proud of everything we do here in America. But for the most part we have a pretty good country and I am proud to be a member of it. Besides all that Fireworks are just cool!

Fireworks on the Fourth of July
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There are things in this country that annoy me I believe much of it was summed up in this video

The most important thing we have as citizens is our freedom. I think this video describes the attitude of most Americans.  God Bless our beautiful country!

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So there you have it,  have a safe and enjoyable day!

Current Events – Sunday’s Report

I figured I would round up current events from around the world. After all isn’t it a good idea to be informed?

An oiled bird from Oil Spill in San Francisco ...
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This whole oil spill thinking going on in the gulf is insane, you would think with all the technology and knowledge people have things like this wouldn’t happen. I started watching this thing when it first happened. Whats with all the bull shit with the company not coming clean with how much oil is actually being spilled out.  There shouldn’t even be an argument or delay. You would think they would get it together and fix this dam mess, but they haven’t..

Current Events, Obama, BP and the Oil Spill?

What is your view about the oil spill and BP? I am confused about the fact that many people, including blacks across the USA, are blaming obama for the oil.

Publish Date: 06/26/2010 13:01

I am not sure how I feel about this, I was certainly brought up in a strong christian family.  As far back as I can remember there have been talk about the end days , trials and tribulations. It does seem that every year we are hearing about doom and gloom. I think the reality is nobody really knows for sure what god has in store for the planet or when.

I would think God doesn’t have to do anything at all, us humans seem to screw stuff up on our own. God simply has to sit back and watch us destroy our own civilization.

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Publish Date: 06/27/2010 6:55

Seriously don’t you think Israel has been through enough crap in the past 2000 years or so?  The only thing I am going to say about this is , Israel is the only nation that vanished off of the world map and re-appeared again. That should say something. But I am not one to stir a pot so to speak.


But I agree that current events are strikingly consistent with the prophecies and I believe it is possible that we could see these events unfold soon. The mention of “Gomer” in Ezekiel, for example, refers to the modern-day State of …

Publish Date: 06/03/2010 17:01

So there you have it my Sunday report.