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Is Generation X Preparing For Retirement?

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I would say sorta kinda, not really.  While we invest money away we are spending it just as fast as we are making it. What meager funds we have put a side isn’t nearly enough.

Most of my grandparents passed away over  9 years ago.  They lived to their late 80’s they retired back in the 70’s and managed to make it on their retirement till the died.

I can’t even imagine having that much money saved up when I hit retirement age.  I saw how much they where paying every month to live in their “community” that’s crazy talk I tell ya.

Being born in 1975 3 of my grand parents where retired. My parents still work.  So ya I think we have big problems ahead in the future.

Generation X‘ers Looking At Big Financial Problems As They Reach

Will there be any money left for Generation X‘ers when they seek to retire? Gen X‘ers are those born between 1961 and 1981.

Publish Date: 09/16/2010 12:25

Cheezy Generation X Movie

From the Vault: Generation X (1996) | Major Spoilers – Comic Book

Review of the awesomely bad 1996 TV film Generation X.

Publish Date: 06/08/2010 10:25

While there are ton of shows I liked watching in the 90’s I missed this one. I am kinda glad I did, do you remember it?

Generation X -Vs- Generation Y

Very interesting post this one was. I don’t think the writer actually took the time to interview a lot of Gen Xers before writing it. I can’t really say I even agree with it at all. But the post annoyed me so I thought I would blog about it.

Gen x and Gen Y not meeting halfway

How many of you have noticed more and more younger folks opting for entrepreneurship over the last 5 years as compared to ever before? And this number is steadily increasing each year. No longer are cozy corporate jobs the big thing. Publish Date: 09/06/2010 21:00

Generation X My Point Of View

Larry Rivera – Born Generation X

I was born in 1975  I consider myself a young Gen Xer. After watching a video I recently discovered at:

What I think Baby Boomers don’t understand about us is that we are technology.  Where gadget people. Heck just look at the cartoons we use to watch as little kids.

Inspector Gadget came out in 1983 I was only 8 years old when it came out.

The Little Rascals came out originally called “Our Gang” as a silent short and  went to sound in 1929 by the time we where kids a lot has happened.

What Shaped Generation X

We were raised on media.  I didn’t realize this but since I have the pleasure to be a work at home father I watch the t.v shows that my daughters watch.

It horrifies me to think that I was watching movies like this at their age……. Now before watching this video consider this. Most of us Generation x boys for sure watched movies like this at one time or another starting around age 8 or 9.

Or maybe just me lols…….

What I think is scary is the fact that kids today can pretty much have access to as much media as they want for free and like seriously you can’t stop them. Sure you can put up blocks and such on your computer. But in some cases the kids know more about the computers than their parents… I see that all the time.

Not all xer’s are computer savvy many of them would rather go outside than stay inside staring at a computer all day. My daughter is pretty computer savvy for a 7 year old. I am going to have to keep my eyes on her.

Generation X the Cold War Our War!

Cropped screenshot of Ronald Reagan from the t...
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Every generation had their moments. We also grew up in good economic times. The first president I really remember was Ronald Reagan.

I don’t think anyone messed with us in those days, I think because everyone thought that he would just nuke everyone else.

Who would have thought that an actor would make such a  powerful president.  During WW1 they had Sgt York.

During WW2 they had Patton. According to him all Americans love to fight.

We grew up during relative peace time, Our idea of war looked something like this lols…

Thank you for the time reading this post, I will be doing a lot more writing about our Generation X.  What we grew up with our influences and why we do the things we do.

Where you born during these years 1961 to 1981 ? What do you remember life like growing up?