The Dark Side Of Christmas Or Is It?

I created this video back in 2009 using animoto. I thought it would be a nice way to wish all my email list subscribers and blog readers a Merry Christmas. I hope all of you have a wonderful family filled day.

When I 5 years old I remember trying to to stay up to catch a glimpse of old saint nick. Every year I tried, but always managed to fall asleep before he came. As time when on all the wonder and magic of Christmas left my soul. In place of it came commercialism.  Kinda like in the story of the Christmas Carol I have tried to always keep Christmas merry.

Recently a friend reminded me that the truth about Christmas. One of the happiest days for me and my family is of course christmas.  I do teach my children that many many moons ago, a child was born who became the king of kings and lords of lords. But the truth is nobody really knows the day Jesus was born.

I believe that to many people debate things that really have no significance or in 2011 even matter. What matters is that each of us does our best to be respectful of our global community.  There really is enough room on the planet for everyone.

Another blow came to me once I realized Christmas isn’t what I thought it was.


While I can’t say I actually agree with the message of Christmas , I also don’t think the holiday is hurting anyone. I told myself when I got older that I wouldn’t celebrate the day. But I find myself doing it. But I look at the day as any other day.. For me Christmas is a time I can get together with my family and connect and enjoy each others company.


A Christmas Message From An Unsuspecting Place

So I saw this video for the first time a few weeks ago. I am surprised I never heard this speech.  I even enjoy looking for uplifting and inspiring speeches. This seems very appropriate for the time of year….

I have a lot on my plate as we look to 2012 – So I don’t think I will write another post here until next year 🙂

So I want to say thank you for following me , reading my stuff, buying stuff from my affiliate links etc.. I really appreciate you and wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New YEAR!

Make 2012 The Best Year You Ever Have

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