Generation X The Lost Generation And Thanksgiving..

Vietnamese Peasants suspected of being communi...
Vietnamese Peasants suspected of being communists under detention of U.S. army (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s strange us gen Xer’s are all grown up now. We missed the Vietnam war and those of us that joined the military only did it because we felt like it was the right thing to do.

Most of our parents got divorced.  When I was younger we still went outside and made tree forts and played. Our kids spend to much time in front of the computer and tv and video games. Sure we had them when we were growing up but we still preferred to be outside.

Times have changed.. Generation X is now faced with a ever growing slew of problems. The economy sucks, were still fighting wars in foreign countries and it seems like the cost of everything just continues to rise.

I remember a time when you could catch a matinee movie for a $1. Our parents could watch them for a Dime. The point is it is getting harder and harder for us to figure out how to make ends meet.

It isn’t like we trust social security will be there for us. We know that big corporations don’t really care about us. And it seems all anyone wants from us is more money.

What Does Generation X Stand For?

I think most of us are just looking to enjoy a stable life. We as a generation aren’t racist. We are really sick of wars. We are sick and tired of the boomers who keep passing laws that are absolutely pointless.

I would say Xer’s lives are pretty mundane life. We wake up , we work , we party, we do it again the next week. Future? You say… I don’t think most of us ever really think about it. I bet we are the first generation to really live in the moment…….

Well it’s the holiday season again. If there is one memory of my child hood that I will always cherish it is watching the macy’s parade on tv smelling all the yummy food being pre-pared for our Thanks Giving feast.

I think most important as a gen Xer I am grateful for the people who are in my life…

Macy Parade –> 1980 oh ya!!!


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One thought on “Generation X The Lost Generation And Thanksgiving..”

  1. Hey your post made me remember, think, and laugh. You know I don’t really remember if we preferred to be outside or not. What I do remember is my mom preferred for me to be outside. So we had no choice but make the best of it.
    In hindsight she was right. Now a days to many parents are being told what to do by there children. I’m guilty of this from time to time.
    Then there is the media always telling us dangerous the world is for kids to be out there running free like we did. I mean now a days if you don’t sit on your kid like a chicken with a egg you feel like 1) a bad parent and 2) the child molesting bogeyman is going to get them.
    Sorry if I went off on a unrelated tangent, but like I said some of your remarks resonated with my own childhood, what it is to be a parent, and my place in the world as a Gen X’er.

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