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What The Hell, I am Taking It Off Line

In case this happens to be your first time visiting my little space here on the web my name is Larry Rivera. For the most part I bought the domain LarryRivera.com because it’s my name. I guess you can say I am serial blogger as I write in several other blogs. It seems when ever I come to this one I am never to sure what to say.  Lately though I just bought myself a Canon EOS Rebel T4i. I have to say I love the camera.

Here are some of the shots I’ve gotten with this camera

Larry Rivera
Here is shot of my lovely daughter


Picture taken from my back yard in New Jersey

Lake In Folsom New Jersey
This shot was taken sitting at my beach

I am finally starting to do some off line networking.  I decided that I am taking my home business off line. I want to help as many people as I can break the chains of financial bondage & slavery. What I have discovered is that there are many people out there who would love to start a profitable home business they just don’t know how. What’s exciting is that it’s rather easy once you embrace the idea that making money is easy.

To many people struggle needlessly financially. I suppose a lot of it has to do with what our parents taught us as well as the school systems. We aren’t really taught to be free thinkers, rather we are taught to be part of the herd.

Here are some shots from my first off line networking event.

Larry Rivera

Larry Rivera

Stay tuned things are just getting started. Get a hold of me if you would like to network. You can find me on Facebook

– Larry Rivera

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