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What They Didn’t Teach You At School Could Make Your Life Miserable

You know what, I’ve had so many conversations with people who go to work and are happy that they have a paycheck. However, there is this empty look in their eyes when we start talking about life.

The reason is because a good part of their life isn’t theirs. The struggle is real for so many people in the world. Unfortunately so many people suffer through life. ┬áIt’s not that a life of an entrepreneur is easier than the life of an employee.

The difference is that most times entrepreneurs look at their work life as part of their non work life.

Another words entrepreneurs aren’t just happy to do their work they look forward to it each and everyday.


Why The School System Has Failed Most People

Society has told us to go school, study hard and get a good paying job. We where told that we could do whatever we wanted to do. We where encouraged to try new things.

The options seemed limitless. Unfortunately the reality is we simply can’t just do whatever we want. Because we are unique. Each one of us has strengths and weaknesses.

Going to college is great for some people. However going to college isn’t for everyone because college teaches you how to be a part of the system.

In fact the moment you start Kindergarten you are indoctrinated into the “system”.

When you go to school you are not taught how to think. You are taught what to think. They tell you that you are developing your thinking skills, but the reality is your brain is being wired to think a certain way.

As we go through this schooling process we are tested and then we are separated from others based on our test scores. From a very early age some of us are groomed for leadership and some of us are groomed to just be follower.

Some of us go on to pursue athletes while others go on and pursue academics. The problem with this is that none of us actually really pursue what we want to because for generations we have been broken. Our great grandparents went through the same system.

My theory is because the people who are pulling the strings in the world have been pulling the strings for centuries and that hasn’t changed.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a result of waking up the reality of this world and making a clear decision that you don’t want to be part of it.

This is why so many people are unhappy at work. It’s because they don’t realize they are doing something that goes against what their soul wants.

Another words they aren’t following their passions even if they think they are.

If you are wondering if the “system” got you. Simply ask yourself this one question.

Am I excited to wake up everyday and go to work?

If you are not, then there is a really good chance you are not doing what you are suppose to be doing and the only remedy for that is to BE THE CHANGE you want to be in the world.

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