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Ending My Love Affair With PC, Why I Switched To Mac

The first real experience I had with a PC was 1994. From the moment I first logged onto the internet I was fascinated with PC’s. I spent hours upon hours just typing stuff in the search browser to see what information I could find.

Then I played my first Computer game I think it was Star Wars “Rebel assault”.  The graphics of the game blew my mind away. Of course back than you had to jump through all kinds of hurdles to get any game to work correctly.

Over the next decade or so I started building my own pc’s mainly to just play more graphic intense computer games. I must of wasted thousands of hours of my life playing computer games.

Around 2002 I started to realize I was wasting my life away playing computer games so I started teaching myself how to do things like make websites and market stuff online.

It seemed like every year Microsoft was coming out with a new operating system that was suppose to be better than it’s predecessor. The reality was with each new OS came more bugs, more errors, more headache.

In 2005 video marketing started taking a life of it’s own. Everyone started making videos to make money online. Youtube started to really pick up momentum. So of course I started making videos and uploading them.

I had friends who said I should use a Mac if I wanted to create videos and upload them. However, there where enough people online using pc’s to edit their videos and besides that pc’s had better computer games 🙂

Enter The Imac Retina 5K & Final Cut Pro X

Imac, Retina 5k, Final Cut Pro X


Let’s just say over the years I can’t even begin to tell you how much I struggled with editing videos. It seemed like no matter what I did my computer(s) crashed or they got really slow. Long story short I always felt like I was banging my head against the wall when I started to edit videos.

Finally after 2 decades or so of frustration I decided to switch to apple. I figured I have an Iphone I like that. I will probably like the macs. The past several years I have just been stubborn living in my comfort zone.

I really didn’t feel like learning a new OS nor did I really feel like learning a new editing software. Because if you have ever done any kind of video editing you know just how much of a pain in the ass it can be.

Even more of a pain in the ass when you have to learn new software. So one thing I never expected to happen in my life happened. I started earning my living via online marketing. More specifically making videos and editing videos are the two most important things I do online to make money. Crazy isn’t it? I never went to school to learn how to record videos or edit videos it’s all been trial and error.

Well after spending a week on my new Imac I decided to write this blog post. I have to be honest here and say as far as a work station is concerned this mac smokes my pc.

It’s faster, it feels more reliable and most importantly it’s taken my video editing to a whole new level.

I know there are a lot of pro’s and con’s and everyone has their own opinion. For me though, after spending more than 2 decades with Microsoft I feel it’s time to end the relationship.

We had fun times together, but I don’t have time anymore to figure what program needs to be updated or what software is no longer compatible with my system.

I don’t have time to use editing software that conflicts with my computer. With mac at least I know that the software I am putting into it will work. And at the end of the day time is money.

I’ve heard so many people simply say they use mac because their macs just work. And my experience so far is they are correct, macs just work.

So if you do any sort of creating online and need a workstation that will be reliable mac’s might just be for you too.


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