And The Circle Of Life Continues…

Perhapes the hardest thing I’ve had to to come to terms with over the years is the reality of how short life is.

For our loved ones and our pets. I remember counting on my fingers how many people and pets I watched journey to their next destination. Now I have to really sit back and think about all those who has left before me.

Some of you who read my blog post might know that I struggle regularly with writing in this blog because it is so difficult to nail down a direction with it.

I have owned this domain now for years. It’s my name, it’s my fathers name it’s my grandfathers name. At the very least I wish to honor that name. That’s why I never know what to do with this domain.

Life isn’t about money or branding myself online. Life is about leaving a legacy for your family. It’s about savoring every moment you have because you never know when you will draw your last breath.


sanJust recently my grandmother passed away and a few days after the funeral we had to put down one of our pets.

Ironically enough I started blogging and building an online presence to make money on the internet.

My company had a really good day, it might be the most money I’ve made on the internet in a single day.

Sadly I didn’t feel joy of accomplishment. Rather I felt sorrow. I have been meaning to talk to my grandmother for several months. I just got so wrapped up in business I didn’t make the time for it.

Unfortunately when I heard the news of my grandmother being sick I was to late. I had a chance to say goodbye however she was to weak to hold any conversation.

I will miss my grandmom and the good times we had. She lived an amazing life, living through some of the hardest times in history. She was born in 1924 so as you can imagine she has been through a lot and seen a lot.

My advice is NOW is the best time to tell someone close to you that you love them. NOW is the time to make the time. Because tomorrow may never come.

Don’t wait till it’s to late…

Life goes on, the sun will come out again. Life is a process of renewal and decay and it goes on.

Those that have left us leaves their mark in our hearts and souls. In a thousand years none of us will be remembered.  Nothing we have done will have mattered.

And that’s okay because the only thing that does matter is today. Today you can decide to live the fullest life you can. To enjoy every minute you can. To love every minute you can.

And most importantly learn the lesson of our pets and make each second of every minute of every day count.


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