How To Fall In Love With Blogging Again – By Larry Rivera

Larry RiveraSomewhere around 2006 I finally decided to look into what all this wordpress buzz was all about. Clearly I was missing out on something. As the years roll by I keep blogging.

Especially here on this blog. I admit there has been days where I come to my blog and just stare at it. Wondering if anything will ever come of this space. I remember starting this blog thinking goodness do I really want someone knowing who Larry Rivera is?

Even more frighting was the thought of actually putting my thoughts where the world could potentially see them.

I had lot’s of hang ups when I first got started putting myself on the world wide web.  I must admit though, I remember like many of you may remember the first time I got online.

Listening to my computer connect to the internet via AOL and being able to tap into the world and communicate with the rest of the world. I remember just searching and searching about anything and everything.

Once I finally stumbled upon the idea of blogging it was around 2006. I didn’t at the time have Larry Rivera as a domain. In my studies I read somewhere that you needed to brand yourself so I bought my name. Continue reading How To Fall In Love With Blogging Again – By Larry Rivera

So Let’s Start Early Shall We

Of course with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I put on a little extra weight. That’s okay though because I knew I would going into November.

That’s why I started Weight Watchers in September I wanted to get ahead start for the new year.

Today I start exercising again for the first time this month. I am really looking forward to getting a run in. My target weight is 175 lbs by June.

While that is my ideal weight goal I’ll be happy if I fall short a few pounds.. But I just wanted to publicly announce that I am hoping back on the horse again.

To keep myself accountable….

Talk To You Soon!


To Hell With SEO , Web Traffic, Enjoying The Ride

This is an interesting blurb. For years and years and years I’ve been trying to figure out what kid of theme to use on this blog. I mean, I only bought because it’s my name.  I never like the idea of branding my name for business. Somewhere someone told me I should, so I did.

Only to realize that it’s really not my style. However over the years I have tried to write here. Now that I have been blogging for years and making money online for years I’ve finally am at peace with Continue reading To Hell With SEO , Web Traffic, Enjoying The Ride

Sometimes You Have To Go Through Pain To Continue To Grow

personal growth


Unfortunately to often you have to go through great pain to grow.  Who wouldn’t like a easy pill to swallow? Today’s thought is just this: If you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes to go out and make it happen.

The only difference between winners and losers is the winner never gives up and the loser never actually tries… They may say they have done their best but rarely is that the truth. Continue reading Sometimes You Have To Go Through Pain To Continue To Grow

You Only Fail When You Give Up Trying

It was while I was enjoying my wedding anniversary with my wife. I realized that I have yet again climbed the weight scale. When I was 30 I decided I needed to loose weight and get into shape. Well I did just that over the course of a year and half I went from 228 to 180. I felt great, I felt like was 18 again.

Larry RiveraI was doing good for a few years. Then it happened, my treadmill broke and at the time I didn’t have the money to repair it or replace it. It kind of got me depressed a little. I ultimately back slid all the way back up to 226 lbs.  So what took me a year to get off my body took me about the same time to put back on my body.

The first time I was on my weight loss journey I lost my weight via lots and lots of exercise.  It got to the point where I had to work out an hour and half every other day just to maintain my weight. The reason was because I really wasn’t watching what I was eating.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of this article which is something not everybody does. Anyone who has hung in there this way now has the information and facts to utilize on #KW1# .