Does Kung Fu Really Work?

Over the years I have come across many different people from different martial art backgrounds. My own personal training is a mixture of internal martial arts and external martial arts.

I would say when I first got involved with kung fu I was more influenced by external martial arts. However over the many years I have been training I have became more of an internal martial artist.

When I was younger I had my youth backing me up. You know when your young you feel like you can pull a school bus around all day.

As you get older you begin to realize your really not immortal. I think this is why internal martial arts is harder for younger people to learn. To gain skill in soft martial arts you have to have a lot of patience. That is something that young people don’t have much of. Continue reading Does Kung Fu Really Work?

Vitality The Elixer Of Life – Kung Fu For The Soul

Vitality The MovieI recently finished watching the movie Vitality on Netflix. In the movie they make the connection between Diet, Exercise, Mindset and Sleep.

What I found extremely interesting about this movie is it touches on a subject matter that is close to my heart.

Interestingly enough, I instantly made a connection between this movie and my martial arts training. For the past 20 years I’ve been study Kung Fu. To be more exact I have been studying Shaolin principles via Wing Chun, Tai Chi, Chin’na and Qigong.

In these martial arts, the practitioner strives to balance their mind, body and spirit. Which is also what a person of faith does. Continue reading Vitality The Elixer Of Life – Kung Fu For The Soul