Did You Play These Types Of Games – MMOG?

MMOG The Birth Of An Addiction

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My first introduction to this genre was a game called Ultima Online. That game came out in 1997.  That was over 13 flipping years ago.

If you ask me it was these types of games that really got folks realizing how powerful connecting a lot of people together on a website could be.

The graphics weren’t that great and the lag was terrible. But it was one of the funnest online games I have ever played.

Ya I admit it I am a dork.  This game opened the door to one of the most popular gaming experiences today.  These games where are so addictive I had to stop playing them all together.

Not because I wasn’t having fun. Rather because they where so consuming that I found myself not getting other stuff done.

I caught the MMOG BUG!

I was so addicted to these types of games that my debautury didn’t end there. Who else remembers these classics.

Everquest was a fun game, but it didn’t do it for me.  I liked ultima online because it sorta reminded of dungeon dragons role playing game that I played as a kid.  But what really got me excited was a game called….

Star Wars Galaxies

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I actually liked starwars galaxies a lot when it first game out. The problem was though they kept changing the rules to try and make everyone happy.

What eventually happened is they turned a good game into a crappy game.

This game had great ambition but in my opinion the catered to the wrong age group.

The King Of All MMOG

The World Of Warcraft

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Even if you never have heard of the other games before I am sure you have heard of the World Of Warcraft. I think blizzard sold their souls to make their games.

Every last one of their games have been absolute winners. Blizzard is on the cutting edge of this genre.

World Of Warcraft was a huge hit. I actually played for 15 hours straight when it first came out. I think I drank a little to much that day too.

I played that game with 22 of my bestest friends online , the oldest being 52 yrs old.

The game mixed real time action with role playing style missions.

This is one of the games I would have liked to continue to play. But once I had kids my mmog days where over.

I switched to playing games on the Xbox 360 lols.

But that is for another post….

While I don’t play these types of games anymore.  My 7 yr old daughter plays a game called Jumpstart.

Its a pretty cool mmog. The game play is age appropriate. It even helps her with her math and reading skills.

Ya I am guilty of turning my little girl into a gamer lols… Part of the reason why I started to get involved with marketing online was because I found myself spending a lot of time playing these games online and wanted to make better use of my time.

Anyhow that wraps this post up. Do you play mmog games? If so which ones?  How many hours do you spend playing them? Do you feel that you have made real world friends through gaming online? Leave A comment I would love to know.

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