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U2 hit: With Or Without You

U2 was one of those bands that came out when I was a kid, I remember listening to their songs in the morning on the school bus.  It was a very emotional song that sung about the chaos that goes on in relationships between men and woman.. All in all its a fun song to sing a play. The song was written in 1987  on U2’s hit album the Joshua Tree it is one of the bands most popular songs to date. 

With Or Without You became the bands first hit in America it spent 3 weeks at the top.  In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine placed the single at number 131 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

With Or Without You Original Song

With or Without You Covers

I like to listen to how other people cover songs.  Some people don’t like if a person takes a song and plays it in a different style than the original artist. But I think that it is always best to take a song and put your own spin on it. That is just my opinion.


With Or Without You – Lesson

I tried out all the different tabs for with or without you, none of them really sounded right. But I did find this video that does a good job at explaining the basics of playing this song.

For those of you would like to see the chords and such…

With Or Without You

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