A Simple Change In Perception Goes A Long Way

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Like many I have my good days and I have my bad days.  One day I woke up out of bed and looked in the mirror and decided where I was wasn’t a good place.  Right then and there I decided there had to be more to life than just what I had experienced.

It was at that point that I decided to make the best out of life inspite of the fact that till that moment I only experienced grief, anger, aggrivation blah, blah..

It felt like the world was against me and nothing I did worked. Perhaps the fact that I was only 20 years old at the time had a little something to do with that.  I can remember as clear as day the moment I told myself I am done with the pity party.

Something had to change and the only way for it to happen was if I got off my ass and made it happen.  Ironically it wasn’t like I had a ah ha! moment or anything like that. I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Prior to this underwhelming experience I accepted everything that was dished at me. I felt inferior to others and I had about zero self – esteem.  Flash Forward to 16 years later. Today I see the world much differently I have a wonderful family. I am a badass martial artist , I play a mean guitar and I am an accomplished online marketer.

Not bad for someone who didn’t think he would make anything out of himself.

While my story isn’t particularly exciting and entirely ordinary it leads me to believe that the only thing that really changed in all of that was how I perceived myself.

The best way to change your perception is to see yourself as what you want to be, not as who you are. In fact as soon as you decide that you want to change your perception put away the old you and only focus on the new you.

Our minds are powerful, it will only respond to what you tell it to respond to. It doesn’t matter what it is, simply tell yourself that you are no longer the old you.

The only other ingredient that is needed is: Have faith and believe in yourself.


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