On Raising Kids… Why Time Isn’t On Your Side

English: Kids at shore
English: Kids at shore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s interesting how quickly your children grow up. My daughter just went on her first over night trip. She went with classmates. It seems like yesterday that I was rocking her to sleep. Watching my kids grow older only re affirms the sneaky suspicion I had that time moves to quickly.

Some parents spend their time focused on their own agendas that the forget just how fast time moves forward.  I am guilty of this myself. I get so caught up with what I am involved with that when I look up A year has passed.

There is one thing that is certain. Your children will continue to grow up with or without you. I am sure they would prefer it that they grow up with you.  Clear your busy schedule and make some time for your family.

They need you more than you know.