Mans Best Friend – Or Atleast Mine!


My Boy’s Are Gone!


Our beloved pets come into our lives. Just when we get use to them and they become part of who we are. We are quickly reminded how precious and short life really is. I remember my dogs being young strong and healthy. Even Jackson my buddy with three legs could keep up with his brother charlie.

Jack and Charlie where like 2 peas in a pod they were best friends. Jackson passed away a few months ago and Charlie the little brown one  was never the same again.  I watched him sink quietly into obscurity. He missed his friend jackson very much you could see it on his face. I am happy though that they are once again together.

I will miss you guys!

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2 thoughts on “Mans Best Friend – Or Atleast Mine!”

  1. I have lost many of ‘man’s best friends’ in my time. More than I care to count. They were all special in their own way with varying personalities. I think that is why they have become ‘man’s best friend’, because they are just as unique individually as we are.

    They are loyal, protectors, comforters and make us laugh. What more could you ask for in a friend? They even help rehabilitate humans and help some see. They are some of YHWH’s most amazing creatures.

    I’ve been asked if pets go to Heaven… I have not seen scripture that says yay or nay. All I know is Heaven would not be complete without ‘man’s best friend’. I say that Jack & Charlie are in some mighty fine company right now 🙂

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