So June Was A Very Busy Month For Me (But I Had A Great Time)


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I find myself trying to catch my breath here. In the beginning of the month I went To Atlanta Georgia For The First Ever Empower Network Event. That’s me with the awesome Tracy Walker. I learned a lot about the internet network marketing community and I learned a lot about direct sales.  If your interested in bettering your life or finding a bit more financial security look into starting a internet home based business.  It can be a lot of fun and if you work with the right people it’s actually kinda easy to get started.

That’s not all I did in June though

I also spent time with my family camping in Assateague Maryland. That was fun though hot,


I shot a few videos while I was there. This is one I did while on a bike ride with the kid.

What I find to be absolutely amazing is the kinda of lifestyle that marketing online has provided me. I am not a very materialist person.


Being able to to spend time with my family and traveling is something I do like to do. I couldn’t do that stuff if I had a regular 9 to 5 job.  So I still have some stuff to do this month, I just wanted to drop a quick hello.

Talk to you all soon ,

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